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5 Fitness Tips To Stay Motivated This Fall + Fun Giveaway 

If it’s important you will make the time. That’s what I told myself when I signed up for my gym membership. Fast forward to a year later when I realized although it’s important I have a million other things that seem to pull me in different directions. So this morning, I celebrated the fact that I ran 3 miles and lived to talk about it. Hence these five fitness tips to stay motivated this fall.

Fitness Tips To Stay Motivated This Fall

Huge thanks to c9 Champion for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% mine. 

If you’ve been here long enough then you know I have a love-hate relationship with my scale. With summer in our rearview mirror, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stay committed to my fitness regime. I go through waves, some months I’m super committed, going to the gym as much as 5 times a week, then other times I barely make it to 1 class.

I always have an excuse though, for instance, one time I signed up as a coach for my daughter’s soccer team before then I was a team parent for cheerleading. Every year I always try to do something to stay active. However, one thing has stayed consistent, my fashionable style. Although I might not enjoy working out, I actually love picking out my workout clothes. If my outfits are cute, it could be the motivation I need to get out and get moving. Laugh all you want but it works for me and I bet I am not alone in this.

Fitness Tips To Stay Motivated This Fall Take this C9® Champion Embrace Run Tights and Tech Fleece Full Zip Jacket I got from Target. The style is super flattering and fun which has made working out exciting. I especially love the iridescent graphic design on the leggings. It’s trendy, breathable and uber comfortable. The first day I wore them, I received lots of compliments. First at the car line when I dropped the kids off at school and also while at the gym. It’s the little detail, like the hidden pocket in the back of the tights. I like to store my key or money in there. The fuzzy inside of the fleece adds warmth. Because I feel good in my workout clothes I’m inclined to hit the gym or walk that extra 2 miles while the kids are at swimming lessons.

5 Fitness Tips To Stay Motivated This Fall

Fitness Tips To Stay Motivated This Fall


  1. Remember your why? We all have different reasons for working out. For me, it’s to stay healthy and so I can live long enough to enjoy my family. I would like to see my kids graduate college, get married, and have babies.  I will like to do all these with a sound body and mind. That’s why I make the extra effort to work out. I don’t like it and I often go kicking and screaming but I go.
  2. Build in a reward system. I have learned that having a reward system set up has helped me stay motivated. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate, it could be as simple as getting new workout clothes to splurging on sneakers. With that said, consider creating a reward system, it could be based on gym hours logged, pounds lost or whatever you see fit.
  3. Stay positive. If you get of course don’t beat yourself up. Acknowledge it, and keep it moving. Most importantly,  stay positive. Life happens, we get busy and often get distracted, nothing to beat yourself up for, so as long as you get back on track.
  4. Switch thing up. I bet you’ve heard this saying, variety is the spice of life. It applies to your workout as well. Maybe you’re not motivated because you are tired of running on the treadmill all the time, try the elliptical machine or the Stairmaster or sign up for a free yoga class. I highly suggest Bikram yoga, there is something about being in the heat that makes me feel as if the lbs are melting away.
  5. Make yourself accountable. By logging my routines online, I can measure my progress and keep track of what I am doing. This keeps me motivated because I can see when my friends put in their miles which sometimes gives me the extra boost I need to get moving.

That’s it, my fitness tips to stay motivated this fall. It seems to be working for me, and I hope you have as much success with it as I have.

Okay, I am giving away a $50 Target gift card, so you can use it to get yourself some new fitness gear.

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