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How You Can Help #EndPeriodPoverty

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If you’ve been following me for a while, then you probably heard me share about my experience in boarding school. I went to an all-girls boarding school for a brief moment and coincidentally that was when I had my first period. I guess my mom didn’t anticipate me having my period because it was a conversation we hadn’t had until it showed up and surprised me.  Luckily for me, a friend was already dealing with it, so she helped me secure everything I needed, and I was well on my way. However, most girls in my situation might be too shy or afraid to reach out and ask for help. And some girls might not have access to the products they need. Hence, period poverty.

End Period Poverty
How You Can Help #EndPeriodPoverty

What is period poverty?

In the United States, 1 in 5 girls has missed school or activities because they don’t have access to period products. Let that sink in for a minute. One in five girls!! Although this is often expected from many developing countries. I find it hard to digest knowing the same thing is happening right here in our backyard. I am raising two school-aged girls and the thought that a young girl the same age as them is forced to stay home because she doesn’t have access to period products makes me uneasy.  Historically, girls confidence plummets during puberty and now having to miss school and activities because they don’t have access to period products would only aid in their already falling self-confidence or worse. These are the things we take for granted, privileged or whatnot; it’s hard to turn a blind eye when it’s happening here in the US. With that said, I have partnered with Always to eradicate period poverty.

How You Can Help End Period Poverty with Alaways #EndPeriodPoverty

One way YOU can help to #ENDPERIODPOVERTY

Is it crazy to think we can put an end to period poverty? It sounds ambiguous, but small steps often lead to big wins.  You can be a part of that step, by purchasing a 3-pack box of Always Pads via during January. Always and Walmart will donate a year’s supply of period products to 50 teams in 50 states. Also, for every purchase of a 3-pack box of Always Pads, Always will also donate a pack to girls in need across the country.  This donation will be triggered when you purchase via the link mentioned above.

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