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Watch This Video About The Reality Adolescent Girls Face #EndPeriodPoverty

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Imagine if I told you that 1 in 5 girls miss school because they can’t afford period protection. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that? I bet you’re thinking the stats are from a third world country. Well, you’re wrong.

According to research done by Always, one in five girls living in the United States miss school, sporting activities and special events because they can’t afford to buy them period products. Think about that for a moment. Somewhere in America at this moment, there is a young lady having to decide if she can make it to basketball practice because she can’t afford to buy a sanitary pad. As if not having access to period protection isn’t enough of an injustice, now children are being forced to miss out on activities they love. I can only imagine what the effect will be on their self-esteem. I mean this is 2019, how is this happening? I’m a mom to two girls, ages 12 and 8 and the mere thought that one of their friends may be burdened with such a decision is weighing heavy on my heart.

End Period Poverty

Nowadays, I feel like there is so much pressure being a teen. The last thing they should be worrying about is if they have the basic needs. This isn’t a third world country. I find the stats alarming.

Always® End Period Poverty Video #EndPeriodPoverty

Trip to Nigeria

Last year, during a trip to Nigeria, I found out some of the young girls at a local school didn’t have access to feminine products. It was sad but somehow expected. That experience changed me in more ways than one. The thought of young girls, the same age as my daughter, having to hide in shame because they can’t afford menstrual pads. So learning that the same thing was happening right here in my backyard is unsettling. This is the reality for millions of families in a country that has proclaimed to be wealthy.

To help #EndPeriodPoverty, Always and Walmart are donating a year’s supply of period products to 50 teams in 50 states. Learn how you can help raise awareness for Always Live #LikeAGirl by watching the video above and if you see fit share it with your friends and family.

This is your first step towards the change that you wish to see.

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