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Five Easy Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Is the change in weather getting you down? You’re not alone. During the holiday break, we were hit with the first official snow of the season and let’s just say,  I wasn’t too excited about it. As the kids were excited playing outside, making snow angels. I wanted to crawl under the sheet and sleep for days, anything to beat the winter blues. Frankly, if I had to pick a season, I will say Fall is my favorite season. No particular reason other than the fact that, I don’t enjoy the brutally cold weather that is winter. You would think after more than twenty years; I would be used to it, but sadly I’m not and probably never will. However, I am learning to deal with it the best way possible, hence today’s post – 5 thing you probably didn’t want to hear about how to beat the dreaded winter blues.

Five Easy Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Five Easy Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

Shorter days, plummeting temperatures and rising snow levels can leave you in a sombering mood. Next time you’re feeling powerless in the face of a cold-weather funk, try these simple solutions to get your groove back.

  1. Healthy eating

    The sudden drop in weather is an excuse to overeat and indulge, but once spring comes around, we will regret our decisions. Instead opt for whole-wheat and multigrain foods, along with plenty of fruits, vegetables and a healthy portion of protein. The long term effect, simply outways the temporary sugar rush. Plus it will give your body and mind the nutrients it needs to balance your blood sugar levels and stabilize your mood.

  2. Exercise regularly

    We already know the vast benefits of exercising, so hard as it may be to pry yourself away from blanket and coffee and hit the gym. I know it will be hard to get out of the door when it’s super cold out, but it helps if you have a fitness buddy. If you can get at least an hour on the elliptical machine, the payoff is totally worth it. And if you can manage, two to three hours a week of moderate level exercise, it will help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce fatigue, increase blood flow and strengthen immunity. If  you choose to hit the gym, or exercise in the comfort of you home, the most important part is committing to a regular regime through the winter to give your mood and health a natural boost.

  3. Make the most of winter activities

    Resist the urge to go into hibernation. Instead, embrace all the wonder adventure winter has to offer – go sledding with the kids, a family snowball fight, a skating session with friends, winter date night with your husband. If you’re lucky enough to live near slopes, consider learning to ski or snowboard–there’s nothing like an adrenaline rush for beating the blues. Learning to ski is actually on my bucket list. Shifting your mindset and learning to appreciate all that winter has to offer will help offset the symptoms of summer sun withdrawal.

  4. Go shopping

    I think Ranulph Fiennes said it best, “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” So use this as an excuse to shop for layered clothing, i.e., a winter coat, wool hat, scarf and leather gloves will go a long way in making those cold early mornings a lot more bearable. Hint, when you find a super chic winter jacket that you look great in, it will instantly bolster your self-confidence.

  5. Make your home a sanctuary

    Your home should be more than just a place you rest your head. With the mounting snow and blistering weather, there’s plenty to keep you from leaving the house. Embrace the slower pace of life by making your home a haven for relaxing and regrouping. When your options for outside time are limited, comfortable furniture, cozy lighting, and a clean, well-organized space will make long evenings of reading, cooking or board games infinitely more appealing.

An occasional bout of winter blues might be inevitable, but it’s not unbeatable. When you feel your mood turning as bleak as the weather, take action. Resist the downward spiral and take a determined step back to confidence and contentment. If all else fails, might be time to seek help.

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Five Easy Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

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