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8 Best TV Shows to Watch With the Whole Family

It’s July 4th weekend; the whole family is coming over to your house to get some food and enjoy some quality bonding time.  You’ve managed to wrangle the best chef award with your carefully selected favorite easy 4th of July recipes; now you have the secret weapon to keep everyone laughing all night – by streaming one of these TV shows to watch with the whole family. From grandma who is whining about what TV use to be like back in the days to your niece who enjoys nothing but Disney Channel, there’s a little something for everyone. Some of these TV shows are old favorites no longer on TV, but they’re available on NetFlix, and you can stream them all online using Verizon Fios® internet service which makes it easy for you watch anytime.

Favorite TV Shows to Watch With the Whole Family

Best TV shows to Watch With the Whole Family

Fresh Off the Boat.
Laugh out loud funny but with loads of built in life lessons. It’s a show about an Immigrant family living in the United States.

Modern Family. 
You can’t possibly mention best TV shows to watch with the whole family and not include Modern Family. Phil Dunphy is a riot and watching the family evolve has been interesting. Even watching the repeats doesn’t get old.

Fuller House. 
Feeling nostalgic about 90’s favorite Full House, turn on Netflix and check out Fuller House. It’s an updated version of Full House. The kids are all grown with a family of their own.

MasterChef Junior.
If you’re a fan of food networks, then MasterChef Junior will be an instant favorite. Our 9-year old fancies herself as a chef. This summer is when she will learn the essentials. Right now, she knows how to preheat an oven and season fish, so we’re well on our way in making her the next MasterChef. Another favorite of ours is Child Genius on Lifetime but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

Gilmore Girls. 
You know my love for Lorelai and Rory Gilmore goes deeper than meets the eye.  I am obsessed and even more excited that Netflix is working on new episodes. I can’t get enough, and the show offers an interesting family dynamic that I believe everyone will enjoy.

If you happen to have missed Parenthood while it was on TV, you can play catch up and see how the Bravermans’ family handles everyday life. It’s real and offers lots of everyday lessons that will come in handy for future generations.

Black-ish is a show about a hard working couple, raising their kids to be culturally savvy and a great show that resonates with various types of family and it tackles taboo topics with finesse.

Girl Meets World.
I was a huge fan of Boy Meets World. I might have had a slight crush on Shawn so watching the remake with my family has been a fun trip down memory lane.


K.C. Undercover. 
A family that works undercover as a secret government spy. It teaches the importance of team work. The Cooper family – Judy, Ernie, KC, Kira and Craig makes it a mission to have fun while saving the world. 
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