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Zootopia Fru Fru Voice Over

At the beginning of the year, if someone had said to me that I will be doing voice over for Disney’s Zootopia, I will call them a quack and ask for my money back. However, last month while in LA, I got a chance to do a voice over for one of the characters on Zootopia. We were given a choice between Mr. Big and his daughter ‘Fru Fru’, I chose her because she had a small role. Besides, I wasn’t brave enough to attempt Mr. Big.

Zootopia Fru Fru Voice Over

Zootopia Fru Fru Voice Over with Mr. Big

If you haven’t seen Zootopia, Mr. Big is  ‘The Godfather’ like arctic shrew who is the crime boss in Tundratown. His daughter ‘Fru Fru’ is a socialite with a high pitched voice and a sky-high teased updo.

Zootopia Fru Fru Voice Over DisneyToon studios

While in the studio, I got to a chance to chat with Paul McGrath, the dialogue mixer that worked on Zootopia. I enjoyed talking to him because he has been in the industry for awhile so he has witnessed the evolution of voice over work with the introduction of new and emerging technology. The process is pretty streamlined, basically, the talents comes in on various days and each shoot their piece, some of them comes in as much as 20 times within a span of a year or more depending on their schedule and what role they’re voicing. On a rare occasion, if they can’t make their scheduled session, Paul encourages them to record the audio themselves and send it to him. When he gets the files, he compares, edits and merge as he see fit.

Zootopia Fru Fru Voice Over

Zootopia Fru Fru Voice Over

When it was my moment to step into the booth, I was a bit nervous so I made sure I spent some time before hand reciting my line. When I did the first take, I wasn’t aggressive enough, so Paul asked me to do it again but this time “with anger”.

It was a great movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, you can order the DVD on Amazon. Wait a minute, before you start asking for my autograph. No, my voice isn’t on the DVD. Leah Latham, who originally voiced  the character is the one on there. What they did with me is called Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR). Basically, they took out Leah’s performance and replaced it with mine.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think. 

what did we say, no icing anyone at my wedding

Disclosure: Walt Disney Studios invited me to an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, CA. However, all opinions are mine. 

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