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10 TV Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix Before Fall Premieres

Sharing ten awesome TV Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix Before Fall Premieres. I know you’ve a life, so obviously you might not be able to binge-watch these shows in time for the new season to air. I say add these shows to your Netflix list, so you can catch up on missed episodes from last season. That way you don’t feel like you’re missing out on water cooler conversation.

TV Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix Before Fall Premieres

TV Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix - Scandal

I have a love-hate relationship with Scandal, and I am obsessed with Olivia’s style. If you’re not a gladiator or you haven’t jumped on the Scandal bandwagon, I urge you to give it a try. You will end up binge-watching season 1 through 7 in no time.
Once Upon a time
Get ready to fall in love with Emma, Regina and Mary and the whole characters from Once Upon A Time. Season 5 will premiere on TV Sept. 27th but you can find out more about the crew from Season 1 through 4 on Netflix today.


Gotham Season 2 aired on Monday, but you can follow the story of Batman police commissioner, James Gordon as he avenges the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents in Season 1.

Walking Dead

Do you’ve any plans for the weekend? The Walking Dead season 6 won’ start till Oct. 11, so you’ve got a few weeks to catch up on what you’ve missed.

How to get away with murder

Did you watch the Emmy Awards on Sunday? How to Get Away with Murder, Viola Davis won outstanding lead actress in a drama series. It’s an award-winning suspense drama, which always leaves me at the edge of my seat.


Have you been watching The Blacklist on NBC? No?. You’re missing one of the greatest show currently on prime time. Join the water cooler conversations by brushing up on your Blacklist knowledge. Season 1-2 is currently playing on Netflix.

Grey's Anatomy

Confession, I have never watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and  I’ve always felt left out of an awesome show. I added Season 1 to 11 to my Netflix list, and I’m waiting to binge-watch it on lazy days.

The League

Currently on Netflix is season 1 through 6 of The League. Season 7 premiered two weeks ago on FXX, but it isn’t too late to catch up.

Law and Order

Law & Order SVU is one of my favorite and longest running shows on TV. You’ve probably caught an episode or two, but you will need a few months to catch up on season 13 to 16 on Netflix.


I was a huge fan of Heroes because, I am obsessed with Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) and Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls). Sadly the show wrapped up in 2010 but it has been nice binge-watching season 1 – 4 in anticipation of Heroes Reborn which will premiere on Thursday, September 24 on NBC.


Which one of these shows are you excited to see?

Disclaimer: I am a Netflix Ambassador. 

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