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Fall Look Inspired by Olivia Pope #Scandal #AskScandal

Since publishing this post, Limited has launched a collection inspired by Scandal. It’s available today


Last night the ABC show Scandal returned for its third season, so it felt right doing today’s fashion post on chic fall looks that Olivia Pope would be proud of. Besides being the presidents mistress, and arguably the most powerful woman in Washington Olivia Pope is known for her minimalist style. Her closet consist of mostly grey, white, beige, ecru, black with a hint of pastel, yet she manages to make it look good.  I don’t think I know anyone that can pull off a monochromatic look like she does. The look suits her, its feminine, edgy, powerfully with a hint of vulnerability.

To channel our inner gladiators, I’ve compiled three different looks using Ms. Popes color palette.

Fall Look Inspired by Olivia Pope Fashion

Fall Look Inspired by Olivia Pope

Fall Look Inspired by Olivia Pope #Scandal

So gladiators, if you’re interested in acquiring some of Ms. Pope’s wardrobe ensemble, here is a list of items you can incorporate to achieve her look.  Although, I’m hoping her style evolves this season to include a bit more color, but I highly doubt it.

Olivia Pope Fashion

  • Silk Blouse – White, cream, grey or baby blue
  • Tailored Trouser in white, grey or black
  • Fitted Bouclé Blazer or Tailored Suit Jacket
  • High-neckline Sleeveless Dress in grey
  • Trench Coat or an Asymmetrical Jacket in white or grey
  • Leather Handbag – black or brown
  • Long strand of pearls
  • Stiletto – black or brown


Are you a fan of Olivia Pope? What do you think of her monochromatic style?  Is it for you?


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