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Favorite Women’s Fitness Apparel Under $30

Now that the weather is slightly getting better, I am inclined to go for a run or head out to the gym. It’s probably my subconscious telling me, to get my butt in gear for summer. For starters, I signed up as an assistant coach for my daughters soccer team. I don’t completely know, what I am doing but it gives me a chance to run around the field for a good hour so it’s a win for me. With that said, here are some of my favorite women’s fitness apparel under $30

Favorite Women’s Fitness Apparel Under $30


Favorite Women's Fitness Apparel under $30

Chic Shadow Stripe Leggings in a dark color, because I am trying to pretend as if I haven’t packed on the pounds by hiding my thunder thighs.  If you prefer Capri, here is an another option. If you like a bit or color, here is one more option here.


Having a good sports bra is essential when working out. Pick one that’s comfortable, not too tight, it’s breathable and hold up to vigorous exercise.

Racerback Tank

A comfortable and ventilated Racerback Tank. I have more than one, so I can swap them out as needed. This one has a tie back if you want a more form fitting look.
running shoes
It’s not easy picking the perfect pair of athletic shoes. From running, Crossfit, to marathon training, there is a shoe for everything. When picking  workout shoes,  comfort should be your number one priority.

There you’ve it, a few workout gear for women all under $30. Whether you’re running a marathon, meeting friends for yoga, assisting with your kids’ sports team or just trying to stay fit, these workout gear should keep you looking and feeling great.

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