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How I Organized My Makeup Drawer

I’m far from a beauty blogger, but I’ve acquired quite a lot of beauty products somewhere along the way. With spring upon us, I decided to spring clean my makeup drawers, and give my vanity some love. It’s been a while and let’s say the makeup drawer took on a life of its own. To start, I decluttered my makeup bag, which brought me immense relief, hence today’s makeup organization ideas – easy, effective, and inexpensive ways to organize makeup drawer. Whether you’re organizing makeup in the bathroom or organizing your vanity – No matter what your pain points are, these tips will come in handy.

Organize Makeup Drawer

Tips on how to organize makeup drawers is a partnered conversation with HEXA™ by Spectrum Diversified Designs. All opinions are my own.

How to Organize Makeup Drawer

As you put this guide to use, please make sure you do it in a way that’s efficient and easy to maintain; that way, you can keep the space clutter-free for as long as possible. 

  • Pick a storage solution First order of business, shop for your desired storage solution based on your needs. I wanted something to keep my makeup organized and within arm’s length, so I opted for these HEXA™ in-drawer organizers. They come in a set of four. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and I wanted something that would be easy to clean and won’t slide around in the drawer.
  • Purge – This is a crucial step of any organizing project. Go through the items and decide on what to keep or what to toss out. Depending on how many beauty products you’ve accumulated, this could be time-consuming, but it’s an integral part of the process and one you can’t avoid. Be honest with yourself and only keep what you will use. Don’t forget to check expiration dates and discard accordingly.
  • Sort – Great job tossing the items you no longer need. Now it’s time to sort by product types. Put all lipstick together, foundations together, etc. Sorting helps you from over-shopping in the future. Once you sort, it will become easier to know how many items, and it helps in mistakingly buying something you already.
  • Clean, Sanitize – Now that you have a clear picture of what you have, wipe down everything from the drawers to the makeup containers and sanitize your brushes. You can use either baby wipes, makeup remover wipes, or flushable wipes to wipe down the items, then use makeup brush shampoo to wash the brushes. The idea is to clean the smudges and dirt off the products you’re keeping, so you can start on a clean slate.
  • Organize – By now, you should have ordered your desired storage solution. I choose a makeup drawer organizer that comes in a pack – HEXA™ in-drawer organizers; that way, I’m paying less money per tray at the end of the day. Pay attention to sizing when ordering. The set I have has two 3″x6″, one 6″x9″, and one 6″x15″ in clear frost. I like the pack I chose because they have small, medium and large containers in them. Why the small clear tray – because I can use it to hold my mascaras, cotton swab, and cotton pads. I opted to store my beauty blenders in a medium-sized tray so they have enough space to breathe. It comes with non-skid rubber, so it doesn’t slide back and forth. Another reason why I chose the set is that the bins are modular which allows me to customize according to size, and I can mix n’ match as needed. 
Organize Makeup Drawer - tips and tricks with storage suggestions

I’ve always had a hard time deciding on what to do with the side drawer, but with this storage solution, I was able to arrange some additional products and a few everyday items in there. When I was all done, my husband suggested that I add liners, so I ordered some and will share it with you when it gets here. Just make sure you’re glued to my IG story

Since things are now sorted and put away, I’ve been able to find items quickly, and my mornings are less chaotic. After it was all done, I noticed it was almost like I have more room now.

Now that my vanity has been thoroughly organized, I’m moving on to my closet and then the kitchen; coincidentally, HEXA™ also offers in-drawer organizers for your kitchen utensils and silverware!

How I Organize Makeup Drawer

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