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Essential Spring-Cleaning Tools

Disclaimer: My partnership with Walmart/SheSpeaks helped in facilitating these Essential Spring-Cleaning Tools post.

I remember the first time; I had to spring clean our current house. We had just moved into the house,  but before we moved in, we hired a cleaning crew to prep the house and get it ready for us. Once we moved in, I realized that we made more mess moving in than we had imagined, so I decided to do a quick spruce to get it back to pristine condition, heck how hard could it be, right. Wrong.  Cleaning is the least glamorous job in the house, but sadly it needs to get done. Here I break down all the Essential Spring-Cleaning Tools you will need to get the job done. Keep in mind that having the right tools, will get you one step closer to an effective and hassle-free cleaning routine.

Essential Spring-Cleaning Tools

Essential Spring-Cleaning Tools

Find a sturdy and portable caddy for all your cleaning supplies. Having a central location to store your tools, helps keep it away from the kids and it also makes it easy for you to know what you’ve on hand and if it needs to be replenished.

Towels and Cleaning Rags
For us, we have a combination of paper towels and microfiber cleaning rags. We buy the paper towels in bulk and keep them for quick and easy clean-ups.

Scrubbing Pad
Find a cleaning pad that works for you. I use a combination of scrubbing pad and brush because it’s what I am comfortable working with.

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All Purpose Cleaner
You can use something as simple as distilled vinegar, or you can use multi-purpose dish soap like the Dawn dishwashing liquid. You can use it to remove stains on the carpet. Mix it with hot water and use it to clean your tile flooring in the bathroom. You can also use it to wipe down your granite counter top in the kitchen.

Wood Cleaner
If you’ve hardwood floor, then you will need a wood cleaner. We have an oil soap that we’ve used for the past nine years that gets the job done. It takes some getting use to because we’ve buffed it off and felt a few times due to being overzealous.

Trusty Vacuum Cleaner and Broom
I am an advocate for both. It could be because I grew up using broom because my mom didn’t trust us with the vacuum. Sometimes the broom is easier and quicker, so I have both depending on what my needs are.

Baking Soda
You will need this to deodorize your bathroom and kitchen sink. Pour about half a cup down the drain and till it starts to bubble up. Let it sit for about 10 minutes then pour hot water down the drain.

Air Freshener
As you clean the house, you will need these to either eliminate the smell of the cleaning products or to give the room a unified scent. Plus it’s good to have it in case  you have a guest coming over, and the room could use some freshening up, which is why we stocked up on some Febreze Air Effects Linen & Sky.

Laundry Detergent
These goes without saying because once you’ve scrubbed the whole house down, your clothes will need a scrub down as well, so will the linen you took off the bed and whatever else that you deem appropriate.

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Hope you found the list of essential spring-cleaning tools useful, if so check out more spring-cleaning tips and tricks.


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