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Spring-Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Sparkle

It may be chilly where you are, but here it’s beginning to look a lot like Spring.  Which means it’s time to refresh your nest and give your home that much-needed facelift with these spring-cleaning tips. Nervous? Don’t be. This should help you get a head start and make this year’s spring cleaning a little easier.

Spring-Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Sparkle

Spring-Cleaning Tips

Set a date and start. Instead of waiting till you have a long weekend off, start right now! Make a list of must tackle areas around the house, such as scrubbing the floor, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. Leave the real organizing and purging for after the basic cleaning is done. To avoid feeling overwhelmed. Start off slowly, by tackling one room at a time.

Tackle One Room at a Time
You can do it! Tackle every room of your home, one day at a time. What works for us is going through each room in the house to figure out what needs to get tossed and what we would be keeping. After that’s done, then I create a list of areas that I need to tackle and assign a day to each section.  I might spend, day 1 going through our closets, drawer and clean or change the linings, wash/clean rug, rotate/flip the mattress, go through medicine cabinets and remove expired items.  I also use this time to toss old underwear, and clothes that no longer fit while prepping the closet for transitional pieces for Spring and Summer.

What to Keep and What to Toss.
As mentioned, previously, as you go through each room,  make a “keep and toss” bin to better organize your space. This is especially important in the kids room. To avoid getting sidetracked, I keep it pretty straight forward, no reminiscing over the kids artwork or old concert t-shirts. If we haven’t used an item in a year, or longer, we toss it.

Use Your Time Wisely.
Prepping beforehand will help make the whole process easy. Clean the kids room when they’re in school so there is no distraction.  For us we save the heavy duty rooms for the weekends, that’s the family room because we’ve heavy furniture in there and carpets that need a deep cleaning.

Save The Best For Last. 
Tackle the laundry room last. Why? It gives you a chance to wash everything you’ve removed in all the rooms, i.e., window treatments, items for wardrobe transitions and when you’re finished, it’s the perfect excuse to disinfecting the washing machine and the laundry room.


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