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10 IKEA Storage Must-Haves for Your Home

This post on storage must-haves for your home isn’t funded by IKEA, however, links used are affiliate.

Who doesn’t love everything IKEA? The clean lines, the storage capabilities, the innovative designs…all their products feel as though they are must-haves for your home, right? Well, maybe they are but that doesn’t mean that you have to acquire them all at once! The beauty of being able to shop and find these solutions online is that you can slowly add them to your home decor so you don’t overwhelm your decor style or your budget. If you feel that you are needing to add some storage options to your home, here are some storage must-haves for your home that are great options from IKEA.

10 IKEA Storage Must-Haves for Your Home

 Storage Must-Haves for Your Home

IKEA Mesh Hanging Storage. If you have children, this is a must! It’s such a great catch-all for those hundreds of stuffed animals or odds and ends that you find on their floor. It’s also a great way to store lighter home items as well such as pillowcases or washcloths in your linen closet.

IKEA Bookcase Room Divider. A bookcase and a room divider all in one? Yes, please. If you are looking for a great storage option for all your lovely books, this is a great option for you!

IKEA Drawer Unit. Needing a smaller storage unit for craft items or other small tidbits that may get lost or misplaced easily? This is the unit for you. Easy to clean, and won’t take up much space!

Underbed Storage Case. Don’t we all tend to have extra space just going to waste under our bed? With this storage case, you can store those seasonal clothes with ease. Just pack, zip and slide under your bed until you need them next season.

IKEA Cabinet. This sleek cabinet would make a great addition to any home. It’s versatile and could be used as an entrance table, or even a fun focal point item in your living room. Plus, it offers two doors to open for convenient storage.

IKEA Storage Bench. Talk about a beautifully stained bench! Great for outdoor use to have on your patio for storage of shoes, gardening tools, or outdoor toys.

IKEA Closet Storage Organizer. Easy to hang, and offers a ton of different spaces to store items. Could be used for clothes, towels, or even games that may be taking up space. Options are endless in what you can use these storage items for!

Storage Box with Lid. These storage boxes are amazing. The beautiful thing about using them is that they can be used for so many different purposes! You can use them to store pictures, crafts, presents, small items that you don’t want to lose, cards…the list goes on and on. If it can fit, it can be stored!

Shoe Cabinet with Three Compartments. Do your shoes in your home seem to cause clutter constantly? You’re not alone. With this shoe cabinet, you can hide your shoes with ease and keep them stored in a cabinet that is also eye-appealing to flow well with the rest of your home decor!

IKEA Basket – Seagrass. Looking for storage containers that also look decorative in your home? These are the ones for you. With their natural color and texture, they look great as stand-alone storage options or would transition nicely on shelves or in cubby holes too.

When deciding what storage options work best for you and your home, it’s important to remember the decor of your home as well. Find items that seem to flow seamlessly from room to room, but also provide great function. Ikea has many great options when it comes to storage, and a few of the ones above may work great for you your home’s storage needs. Remember to make a plan of what you are going to actually use the item for before you buy it, that way you know if it is going to be the right size for what you plan on storing in it. Nothing worse than purchasing an item that you love only to find out that it isn’t usable for what you originally bought it for. Finding fun items to compliment your home and use as storage is possible with these fun IKEA storage must-haves!

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