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Visiting Walgreens Wellness Tour

A few weeks ago, I urged you to mark your calendar and stop by the Walgreens Wellness Tour. Well, I had a chance to stop by one of their locations and let’s just say I am glad I did.

In recent months, my health has taken a back seat to so many other things going on in my life and frankly I was scared of what the test result would reveal. However, I knew I had to go because the same day, I published that post; I got a call from my mom that my aunt had passed away. My aunt had been battling cancer for a few years now. It started with breast cancer, and before we knew it, it had spread to her lungs and everywhere else. That was the wake-up call, I needed to re-access my life. Soon after I got back from my trip, I drove out to Jersey City to get my free health assessment.

Visiting Walgreens Wellness Tour

Todd and Ashley

As I approached the tour bus, I was greeted by Ashley and Ted, who welcomed me with open arms. Ashley handed me a ten questions form to fill out. Nothing excessive, just basic information, name, date of birth, address, etc.

Wellness Tour NYNJ

Walgreens Wellness Tour Health Assessment Form

As I sat down to be called, a few more people came in.  Some were eager while others were apprehensive. A young lady walked in and asked, “I don’t have an ID, can I still get a free test?” They answered yes and assisted her in filling out the form.

Now it’s my turn to step into the room. Ashley handed my form to a nurse. The nurse introduced herself as Christy; we chatted a bit about her background as she pricked my finger for some blood.  The whole process was easy and painless. We stopped talking for a bit so she can take my blood pressure then I was instructed to step on the scale, and a few minutes later we were done.

Walgreens Wellness Tour Bus NYNJ

A gentleman getting his test done

I encourage you to stop by one of their location while they’re still in town and tell your loved ones to do the same. Keep in mind that the test isn’t a diagnostic, but it’s a good start in getting an overall view of your health. Take me for example, my test revealed that I could have high blood pressure, so I’ve scheduled an appointment with my personal doctor as a follow-up.  It wasn’t all alarming news, though, my cholesterol levels and glucose levels were fine.
I weigh a bit more than the recommended weight for my height. However, I have more muscle than fat, which is a good thing. My body age is a year less than my real age, so that’s a WIN in my book. I also found out that my body burns an average of 1647 calories a day.

Walgreens National Urban League

Ashley helping out a client

The goal of the Walgreens Wellness Tour program is to provide free preventative and early detection health services to urban and at-risk communities across the country. Since its inception more than eight years ago, the Walgreens Wellness Tour has administered more than 570,000 health tests valued at $12.8 million to communities throughout the United States. Here are the remaining days for the NY/NJ area. However the tour continues all over the United States, so check out more locations here

Walgreens Wellness Tour - NY-NJ

Disclaimer: This is a partnered post with Walgreens, however all opinions are mine. 

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