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Cars 3 – 4 Ways You Can Get the Most from Pixar in a Box

While I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I got a chance to hear from expert animators on how they used Art of Storytelling to bring Cars 3 to life. Granted Disney movies are known for having an interesting back story but it was fun to go behind the scenes and see how it all comes together. I have written about Pixar in a Box before, and it’s value but this time, I got a chance to see how it relates to creating movies and telling stories audience will love. In listening to the presents, I figured out what we can do as a family to get the most value from using Pixar in a Box.


Pixar in a Box

  1.  Start Small. Try not to fall into the trap of wanting to learn everything all at once. Take it one lesson at a time and walk your way through at a pace easy or convenient for you.
  2. Make sure all parties have an account. To get the most from Pixar in a box, make sure your kids aren’t sharing the same account, by having an individual account, it helps you manage their progress and see how far they’ve come.
  3. Focus on one lesson at a time. I say this with love and because we have been a slave to starting a lesson and moving onto another in hopes or coming back only to realize weeks later that we never finished a section. So learn from our experience and stick to one lesson at a time.
  4. Have a parent or teacher account – Make sure you have a parent of teacher accounts so you can get an overhead view of what the kids are working on and how you can better assist them.

A lot of the lessons shared on Pixar in a Box are the same things that were used to create movies like CAR 3. According to Elyse Klaidman, “We Are All Storytellers, storytelling is something we all naturally do. We go into the character structure, visual language, filmmaking, grammar, and storyboarding

“Cars 3” opens in U.S. theaters  on June 16, 2017

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3Cars 3 “Rivalry” Official Trailer

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