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6 Reasons Why BlackBerry Z10 ROCKS!!

With BlackBerry Q10 on the verge of hitting the market, I wanted to share with you the 6 things I love about my  BlackBerry Z10. I know some of you were a bit disappointed when you read my previous post regarding the Z10. Well i’ve had more time to play with the device, so i’m changing my tune slightly.

blackberry z10

  1. Video Chat with Screen Share – BBM got a major upgrade with the addition of Video Chat with Screen Share. I’ve families out of the country so BBM is a huge factor in me being a loyal BlackBerry fan and with the addition of video chat it, it eliminate the need for skype
  2. Predictive Texting – Yes this little gadget is a mind reader – it took a few tries but once we got acquainted my baby can now finish my sentence
  3. Sideloading – If you’re an android lover then sideloading will be a good leap into the BlackBerry arena.  With the sideloading option you get the best of both worlds by porting over android apps
  4. Time-shift – A good way to forward or rewind your pictures – perfect when taking a group picture – its definitely a feature I appreciate while taking pictures of my two girls thats constantly on the move
  5. Responsive Touchscreen – I was hesitant in getting the BlackBerry Z10 because I was afraid I would miss my qwerty keyboard but i am actually loving the touch screen. Its fast and responsive, super easy to swipe back and forth
  6. Expandable Memory – Yes I am a memory whore the more the better. Blackberry Z10 internal storage is 16GB and you can expand up to 32GB – sweet 🙂

Overall, I love the improvements. BlackBerry has come a long way and I am proud of them. I just hope it doesn’t take them another 4 years to come up with an upgrade.

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