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GizmoPal by LG – A Great Way to Stay Connected to Your Child

Want to stay connected to your child while he or she is away from home? Now you can with GizmoPal by LG. I saw it for the first time at CES and I was anxious to test it out. I wasn’t sure how my 8 year old daughter would feel about giving up her phone for this but thankfully she was excited to give it a try. First day she took the GizmoPal band for a spin, I got a few test calls from her because she was showing how it works to her friends. She came home excited and told me a boy in her class had it and they both bonded over their futuristic phone.

Review GizmoPal by LG

Review GizmoPal by LG

The device was easy to set up, just download the GizmoPal app available on iOS and Android and follow the onscreen prompt. Through the GizmoPal app you can call your child and receive calls from your child. The call quality was surprisingly good on both ends and the battery life is impressive.

GizmoPal by LG

The design is simple but sturdy so it can withstand the active play of young children.  My only gripe is the limited choices in color and style. It would be nice if you could customize it with a favorite character. Also, I wish it was conspicuous enough to look like a watch, so people wouldn’t necessary ask what is that.

GizmoPal by LG Review

Thanks to the GPS locator, you can locate your child with the press of a button anytime of the day. If you’re at the mall though, it doesn’t give an exact location, but rather a range. Only negative is the call list is limited to two people. I wish the list will be extended to maybe 5 people. That way we can add not just Mom and Dad but also Grandma, Grandpa and maybe a babysitter or another Grandma or Grandpa. I love the fact that if I call my daughter and she doesn’t answer, I can set it up to automatically pick up after 10 seconds.

If you’re a Verizon customer and you’re looking for an inexpensive way to stay connected to your child without breaking the bank, then consider investing in a GizmoPal band. With an initial cost of $79 and $5 a month for the service, it’s well worth it for peace of mind.

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