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LG Tone Pro (HBS – 750) – Delivers Great Audio at a Reasonable Price

I received the LG Tone Pro (HBS – 750) Bluetooth Stereo Headset a few months ago and it has become one of my everyday accessory. Since this was my first around the neck headphone, I had limited expectation. Off hand, loved how easy it was to set up. I turned on Bluetooth on my cell phone so I can search for the device, I selected LGS750, it asked me for a password and voila – “your handset is paired”.

LG Tone Pro (HBS – 750)
LG Tone Pro (HBS - 750)

With the LG Tone Pro, I was able to listen to music, make and receive calls on my cell phone. The ear buds fits perfectly in my ear but it does tend to fall out quiet often mostly when I am engaged in vigorous activity. The LG Tone Pro is well constructed, so you can rest assure as you use it day to day. It promises up to 15 hours of talk time, 10 hours of music and 21 standby hours which was consistent with the testing. Surprisingly it’s light and comfortable to wear that I sometimes forget I have it on until a call comes in. LG Tone Pro is available in white, red, blue and black. The only issue I have is the fact that it can only connect with two devices. You can tell LG put some thought into the design with the placement of the control buttons. The control allows you to answer a call simply by pressing the answer button, to dial the last number, press the call button for a few seconds. Press FF, PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, REW to control your music. Although it has a lot of buttons it isn’t overwhelming. Along with the headset, you will get a charger, 2 sets of ear gels, user manual, and a quick start guide.

Shopping for a headset can be tricky with that said, if you want an inexpensive headset that’s light weight with superb sound, the LG Tone Pro (HBS – 750) is worth a try.

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