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Create and Share with BlackBerry 10 Story Maker App

BlackBerry Story Maker App is yet another reason why I love the new BlackBerry Q10 and Z10. I’m mad at myself for not including BlackBerry Story Maker in my previous post. When I launched Afropolitan Mom, I created a youtube channel but never used it. Why? Well my video editing skill is a bit rusty and I haven’t had the time to sit down and truly put my best face forward. With BlackBerry Story Maker video production is a breeze and its all done right on your BlackBerry. No technical skills required. The app does it all for you, in as little as 5 steps.

Step 1: Select the photos and/or videos

Step 2: Select desired soundtrack you’d like featured in your movie

Step 3: Add titles and credit (titles appear in the beginning of your story, while credit appears at the end)

Step 4: Choose one of the 6 preloaded  filters and effects to give it slick professional finish

Step 5: Save the final video and share as your heart desire

Honestly, since I started using my new BlackBerry, I’ve turned old pictures into awesome videos to share with friend and families. I’ve found countless ways to put some life back into an otherwise dated collection of pictures I’ve compiled over the years.

Below is a sample video i created on my BlackBerry Z10 using pictures from our visit to Sesame Place. I chose the vintage filter/effect and a sample song that came with the phone.


What do you think, should I add movie director to my growing list of job titles? How would you rate my 1st youtube video?

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