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Review: BlackBerry Z10 – I Want To Love It, But It’s Hard

The BlackBerry Z10 made its debut a few weeks ago on AT&T for $199 on contract, a pretty aggressive pricing if you ask me.  I’ve waited for this piece of hardware for 4 years, yes I wanted that long because I am in fact one of the few loyal blackberry fans left.

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The debut of Blackberry Z10 is an important one for BlackBerry because it will determine their faith in the industry. I was hoping for a phone that would wow the apple zombies and the androids geeks but this device fell short of that. Don’t get me wrong, BlackBerry Z10 has come a long way from the days of bold, torches and storms but it’s not an iPhone and it doesn’t pretend to be.

The 4.2-inch LCD display, 1280 x 768 resolution, 356 ppi is impressive, I can’t help but fall in love with the new operating system BlackBerry 10. It has a front and rear camera, which made BBM video chat a welcome addition.

I truly believed in blackberry’s vision, which is why I am slightly disappointed at the lack of app the device has, at 100, 000 it definitely doesn’t compare to Apples 900,000 plus and Androids 800,000.  Netflix, Hulu, Instagram, Pandora and Spotify are a few of the major apps that are missing.

Overall, I am slightly disappointed with the device, especially because I waited a long time. Maybe it’s my fault for having such high expectations, I mean I was hoping they would spend the last couple of years learning from others mistake and come out with a top notch device but it pains me to say Blackberry Z10 falls short of amazing. As a current blackberry user, it’s a superior device if we’re comparing it with previous blackberry’s on the market but it doesn’t stand up to the competition. Don’t fret, i will update you more in a few weeks when I’ve had some more time to play with it.

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