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Three Tips For Surviving Busy School Mornings

Time is our most precious commodity. With the girls officially back in school and being a fan of morning routines, we usually have a handle on the day. However, sometimes, we have a slight change in the schedule when mom has a meeting in the city at 8 a.m; which means the kids have to go to school earlier than usual. That’s when we switch up our morning routines and employ these Three Tips For Surviving Busy School Mornings.

Tips For Surviving Busy School Mornings

Have a To-do list

Have a To-do list. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a to-do list. Having a clearly defined plan for the day helps you feel accomplished as you cross off your list. Yes, nothing like a mid-day energy boost because you finally finished that proposal. Having a list has been instrumental in making our routine a success. The kids appreciate visually seeing what they have for the day and it helps me keep track of all their activities, homework, etc  

Delegate. If the kids are old enough, let them take charge of a few things. It could be as simple as an older sibling helping the little one tie his or her shoes in the morning. Not only will the kids have a sense of responsibility she will take pride in helping her little sister. This little bit of assistant saves time and helps streamline your day.

Breakfast on the goBreakfast on the go. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. From protein-packed breakfast to healthy choices to meals on the go and a few go-to breakfast options that make mornings less of a hassle. No need skipping breakfast because you have to rush out of the house. Try having breakfast on the go. Even on busy mornings, we make sure the kids get the proper nutrients they need to fuel their day.

Tips For Surviving Busy School Mornings

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