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How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores Without Rewards

Getting kids to willingly do their chores can be a challenging experience. I know when I was younger, I hated doing chores as well, I mean I still do but I have no choice, so I do it begrudgingly but it still gets done. No matter how we try, get kids to think chores are fun is futile. They won’t think it’s fun and will do anything in their power to get away from such responsibility. This often leads to lots of back and forth and me screaming about how I hate having to remind of the little chores they have to do. 

“Why is your room so messy?” “Why are your toys all over the place?” are some of the common questions that we keep repeating to our kids daily. I guess some of their friends told them they get some form of reward for doing chores around the house, including for things as basic as cleaning up after themselves. No, not at my house. In this article, you will find some practical ways to get kids to do their chores without expecting rewards.

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores Without Rewards

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores Without Rewards

Make doing chores a family affair 

It gets better when every member of the family chips in to do a specific chore around the house. It stops looking like some form of punishment for the kids. List the chores that need to be done around the house and delegate to each family member. If possible, get everyone working in teams. Make it a challenge to see who can do a specific chore faster or better than the other.

Make it a fun activity

Kids love anything that seems like fun to them. You can quickly get them to do a lot of chores when you introduce a fun element into it. For instance, they can pretend to be specific characters in a movie when they are cleaning their bedrooms or helping you out in the kitchen. Let them sing or dance if they want to, and they will go through their chores with minimal complaint.

Get them the right gear

Get your kids into the right kind of equipment, depending on the type of chore they are about to undertake. This will make them take the role more seriously. Let them wear gloves when cleaning around the house. If you want them to help out in the garden or backyard, give them boots and gloves and let them get a little muddy. They love playing in the dirt, and they will not expect any form of reward after the chore is done.

Start early

It would be best if you exposed your children to do chores early enough in their lives. This will start building a sense of responsibility in them, and being responsible is an important life skill. The earlier they start, the lesser they will feel about wanting to get a reward for doing something around the house.

Offer praise instead

Many positive parenting experts support the art of praising your kids when they do something good. This could work, but make sure you give praise only when it’s due. Kids feel good about themselves when you praise them, and this will make them anticipate doing the chore again in the future so that they can gain your approval.

Motivate them with an allowance system

Instead of dishing out allowance to your kids for no reason, you can create a system where they would have to earn these allowances. You can assign points to specific tasks. Every time your kids do the task, they can be able to accumulate some points. They can then accumulate these points later after they have reached a certain number and redeem them for something they want. This will teach them the importance of working hard and appreciate earning their own money for expenditure.

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