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Why We Make Our Kids Do Chores

Do your children have chores? Better yet, do you make your kids do chores?

Lately, chores have gotten a bad reputation; I read an article recently about why kids don’t have to do chores because it robs them of their childhood plus whatever value they learn doing chores can be learned in school. While I’m not disagreeing with the knowledge gained from learning those responsibilities in school, I believe we can reinforce them at home as well. Hence the reasons why we make our kids do chores.

Why we make our kids do chores

Why We Make Our Kids Do Chores

Growing up, I remember chores being a part of my childhood. I had to set the table, wash the dishes, lay my bed, and clean up after myself. When I was old enough, I made dinner. Yes, you heard that right. I believe I was making dinner by the time I was fourteen years old. Doing these things didn’t take away from my childhood. I still spent weekends at the pool, hung out with friends, and enjoyed my day like any other child I know.

Granted my soon to be thirteen years old isn’t remotely ready to make dinner but we are teaching her little things like cleaning her room and how to wash the dishes. My youngest isn’t left out either; she has a small task to carry out as well. Here are some of the reasons why we make our kids do chores.

Teaches Work Ethic and Self Reliance

Having our children be responsible for age-appropriate chores will help teach them a work ethic and plant the seeds of self-reliance. Learning these traits are a vital part of growing up, as they create a solid foundation for them to rely on once they become adults and go into the world on their own. Excellent work ethic and self-reliance are also essential skills for school, and it will come in handy for their first job.

Makes Life Easier on Parents

Running a household requires the input of everyone living inside. While we as parents do most of what is needed, it often seems as though there aren’t nearly enough hours in a day. So whether you have a family with only a child or four, having your children complete an appropriate number of chores daily helps to ease the burden a little. It could be as small as having your children pick up their toys or make their beds. These little things can make a world of difference.

Makes Children Feel Important

Believe it or not, children enjoy the idea of contributing to the house in a way they are capable, and all children want to help their parents. I remember when my daughter was about two years old, she would often follow me around with a broom as I clean the house. While I understand that, at that age, she can’t quite comprehend what was going on, she showed interest in helping me. It was minor, but when I had my youngest, her older sister was right by my side, helping me grab a diaper when needed. Being able to help in small ways made her feel important, and it gave her a slight sense of purpose and inclusion in the whole mommy and new baby situation.

So before you pitch a fork and say, having my kids do chores robs them of their childhood, let me remind you that giving my kids chores serves multiple benefits for them, sure it gives me a helping hand, it also helps them with build their sense of responsibility, thoroughness, and reliability but most importantly, chores help set my children up to run their households when they become adults.

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