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7 Back-To-School Tips To Make Mornings Easier

7 Back-To-School Tips To Make Mornings EasierI know it’s hard to believe but yes it’s almost time to head back to school. Every year, I try to do better than before by implementing things to make our lives easier. Last year it was all about avoiding chaotic mornings and we suceeded. No more scrambling around trying to get out the door to make it to school on time.  Mornings are hard enough, especially if you work outside of the home and this is usually the craziest part of a parent’s day. Here are a few tips on how to streamline and simplify your mornings so that it’s not as stressful as before:

7 Back-To-School Tips To Make Mornings Easier

  1. Slowly Ease The Kids Back Into a Routine
    About two weeks before school starts, ease your kids back into their school routine so that they’re not in shock when school starts. This means pushing up their bedtime and waking them up earlier as if they were going to school. This will hopefully reset their body and get them back on track.
  1. Organize The Night Before
    Getting things ready the night before makes mornings a lot easier. Make sure the kids have their clothes ready. If you can set up a portion of their lunch, do that the night before as well. I usually put the fruits and cheese sticks in their lunch bags the night before.  Get their backpack in order and anything else that will make the morning less hectic.
  1. Wake Up Before Your Kids
    I wake up early and make sure, I’m 80% dressed before waking the kids up. Getting dressed can take the most time, so teach your kids to do it before they come out for breakfast. Since you’ve laid out their clothes for them the night before this shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. Have a Get Ready Chart
    Create a getting ready charts so that your morning routine runs smoothly. This will help your kids to stay focused on what they need to do in the morning like brush their teeth, make their bed, feed the dog, grab their lunch etc.
  1. Set The Tone
    To make sure everyone gets up in a good mood set the tone with some tunes. Create a play list of music that the whole family can enjoy so that everyone can have fun while getting ready.
  1. Eliminate any Distraction 
    Resist the urge to introduce tech to the kids morning routine. This is a major time suck and a huge source of distraction.
  1. Get An Alarm Clock
    Let the kids pick out their own alarm clock. It takes practice but once you introduce them to the idea of waking up themselves, it gets easier.

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