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Back To School Time-Saving Tips for Working Moms

Are you a working parent struggling to find enough minutes in the day to complete the long list of to-do your family life requires? Do you secretly wish you could clone yourself just like Michael Keaton did in Multiplicity, that way you would have more time available to take a breather and maybe enjoy mini-moments of calm alone or with your children? Until human cloning becomes a reality, we are stuck using time-saving tips instead. So for now,  check out the following list of time-saving tips for working moms to see which ones you can incorporate into your hectic back to school schedule.

Time-Saving Tips for Working Moms

Time-Saving Tips for Working Moms

  • Incorporate Smart Technology. Download apps that can help you manage your schedule, some offers reminder notifications, while some have the ability to sync your schedule to multiple devices. For example, Google Calendar can be a free alternative to paid task management app.  If you find an app that fits your hectic schedule, you’ll never forget what day the kids has swimming when to pick up milk for breakfast, bread for school lunches, or coffee beans to jump start your day.
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  • Network. Network. I can’t say it enough; it takes a village to raise kids nowadays. Consider partnering with other working moms and dads in your neighborhood to hire service professionals. These could save you time immensely. Housecleaning, babysitter, after school nannies and lawn care, will often offer reduced rates for group purchases. If two or more of your neighbors are willing to hire a service professional, you might be able to convince the company to offer you a group discount.
  • Turn school lunches into a brainstorming game. Enlist the kids to help in planning our their lunches. If you’re on pick up duty, use that time to encourage your children to conjure up unique options they would like packed in their school lunches.  Get ready to hear ridiculous suggestions from candy apple to gummy bear but in between those moments, you might get ideas that could prove useful as you plan their lunch.

Maximizing your time as a busy parent means finding innovative solutions for everyday tasks. Hope these time-saving tips for working moms can help you make the most of your day.

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