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Teen Approved Graduation Gift – Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web

It seems everywhere we look, there is sign that says Congratulation Class of 2014. Almost all my friends know someone either entering high school or leaving off to college. I love times like this because it filled with pride and hope for the future – very optimistic and that makes me so happy. I don’t think there is a better graduation gift than an Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web cell phone plan.

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser. Teen Approved Graduation Gift  – Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web. 

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My niece is heading out to Tennessee on a scholarship. The whole family is beyond excited, because her hard work is finally paying off. We are all incredibly proud of her and I couldn’t think of a better time than now to give her something she’s begged for the last couple of years – her very own cell phone.

#cbias, #shop #failymobile Teen Approved Graduation Gift  - Unlimited Talk Text and DataWeb

For the last couple of years, all we’ve heard from her is. I’m the only one that don’t have a cell phone. My favorite outburst was a few summers ago when she came in crying, If I don’t get a phone, my life is over. Teenagers, so dramatic. Anyway, being her favorite aunt it’s only right to end her agony by getting her the Cheap(est) Wireless Plans I could find. That journey led me to Walmart, where I purchased the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, a Starter Kit, and the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit phone.

Teen Approved Graduation Gift  – Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web

#cbias #familymobile #shop

Why did I chose the Walmart Family Mobile Plan – 

  • Cost – Lowest plan starts at $29.88/month and it includes unlimited talk & text. I chose the $39.98/month option because it has unlimited talk, text and web. For a college student, that’s very important.
  • No Annual Contract – I didn’t want her to be tied down by a contract, so a prepaid phone is an excellent choice.
  • No Credit Check – Being a new college student, she doesn’t have any credit and  I wouldn’t want her to start with a phone bill.
  • No Overages – Since it’s an unlimited plan, there are no overage charges.
  • No Surprise Bills – The bill is $39.88 plus taxes every month, and we have the option of setting up auto pay. The best part, the bill doesn’t fluctuates – it’s a set price EVERY single month – no surprises.
  • Option to add on – Since it’s a family plan, we can mix and match by adding up to 5 lines.
  • Network – T-Mobile offers nationwide network covering more than 280 million people. Which means clear calls plus with their advanced 4G LTE coverage she can upload, download, stream videos, and surf the net at a fast speed.

#familymobile, #cbias, graduation gift,

Setting up the phone was easy, it took less than 10 mins and that includes setting up the plan itself.  The phone  offers lots of great features, it’s Android 4.1 powered, 5MP camera resolution, 3.8″ touchscreen, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM internal memory, and 32GB expandable via external memory.

Most importantly, the family can rest assured knowing my niece is only a phone call away, as she heads off to college.  Overall, it was a great purchase and one my teenage niece approves.

Huge thanks to #FamilyMobile and #CollectiveBias for sponsoring this post.

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