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Spring Fashion – Ultimate Day-to-Night Outfit #FashionFriday

Years of working in an office, I’ve learned how to transition my pieces from day to night. Especially in NY city when happy hour is rampant and after hour dinner is some what of the norm. Wow that almost made me sound as if I had a social life. Don’t believe the hype, I am not one of them, but seriously though I can’t count how many times I’ve had an event right after work, home was too far but I still wanted to look decent.  Which is why, I’ve learned to put pieces together that can easily be swapped and dressed up at a moments notice. Don’t you just love that, pieces that can be transitioned easily? Well, for today I picked this pink flared belted dress, because its a perfect color for spring. It would have been much easier for me to pick a black dress, but I wanted to throw caution to the wind and use a bold color –  spring 2013 trend. I understand that not everyone would appreciate the bold look of leopard print but that can easily be fixed by wearing a muted cardigan or even a blazer. The sleeveless pleated dress can also be worn with  a pair of ballet flats for work and with heels for a special occasion, e.g romantic date night with hubby. I chose teal accessories for date night because its brings a smile to my face, not sure exactly why but the combination just goes well together, and it spring – happy, cheerful, romantic, fun and everything a date night should be.

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