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‘Puppy Dog Pals’: 4 Things Every Parent Should Know

During my recent press trip to San Francisco, I got a chance to screen the premiere episode of Puppy Dog Pals and it was undeniably adorable. The premiere episode will air on Disney channel this Friday, April 14 at 10:30 am and you can also watch it on the Disney Junior app and the Disney Junior YouTube channel.

Puppy Dog Pals on DisneyJr

Disney Junior

Puppy Dog Pals is Undeniably Adorable – 4 Things Every Parent Want To Know

        1. What is the show about?
          As a dog owner, have you ever wonder what your dog is up to while you’re at work or what does on in your dog’s brain. Puppy Dog Pals follows the adventure of two pug brothers, Bingo and Rolly as they venture the world. The pair gets into all sort of fun adventures unbeknownst to their owner, Bob.

        2. Do I have to be a dog/pet lover to enjoy the show?
          No, you don’t have an animal or even like animals to enjoy the show. Besides, the show isn’t just about dogs. Bob also has a cat named, Hissy and the brothers meet other characters on their adventures. From the executive producer of the show, Sean Coyle – “We make a point in our world to never refer to any of the dogs by breed. The only time we ever mention pug would be in the title of an episode. Like “Hawaii Pug-0” for example. So all the animals in this world, our main characters, they never refer to each other as a specific animal or as a specific breed, or as a specific anything. Everybody’s a friend or family.

        3. Is Puppy Dog Pals appropriate for 3 years old?
          Yes without a doubt. Puppy Dog Pals is perfect for preschool age. It offers story ideas that are easy to follow and humor they can understand. According to Sean, “We’re aiming for two to five, as sort of the sweet spot. I’m a parent of two little kids, and I’m very picky with what they watch because it has to be something that I don’t mind spending time with either. And so that was really a focus for myself and a lot of the crew members too. The writers, the directors, the designers just want to create something that kids would love but also something that people 2 to 80 could also enjoy spending 25 minutes with.”

        4. Does it offer any educational value?
          While the episode I screened didn’t teach ABC, it offered problem-solving skills and showed examples of how to be a team player,  good sibling, and friend. According to Diane Ikemiyashiro, Disney Junior creative executive, “At the core of this show, it’s all about the family unit. The two pug puppies they’re brothers, and they love each other. They are very rambunctious, they really, really support each other, and they have different personalities. They have friends all throughout the neighborhood and all around the world. So it’s about family bonds, being friends, making friends and being a good brother.” 

Watch the trailer for Disney Junior’s new series, Puppy Dog Pals

So set your DVR and check it out for yourself.

If you have preschoolers don’t think twice about setting your DVR so you don’t miss any episodes. It’s guaranteed to be adventurous.

Puppy Dog Pals Review

Disney Junior

Puppy Dog Pals, debuts Friday, April 14, 2017, at 10:30 a.m. ET/PT with two back-to-back episodes on Disney Channel. The series is created by comedian Harland Williams and executive-produced by Sean Coyle.

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