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5 Standout Products at CES 2015 for New Parents (Parents-to-be)

Every year like moth to a flame, tech lovers everywhere flock to the International CES in hope to get a glimpse of what the future holds in tech – emerging trends if you will. Last year, it was all about curved TV, smart cars, wearable tech and this year was no exception. When it comes to innovative products for New Parents  and Parents to be, honestly I wish some of these products were available when we had our little ones a few years ago. I remember feeling anxious as a new mom, scared of the unknown and some of these products would have helped to ease that anxiety. From a bottle holder that helps reduce colic, to a baby monitor that goes above and beyond taking temperature.  The CES show floor had all the makings of a product-rich future for new parents. These products shed some light on how internet of things could change the way we parent going forward.

BABY GLGL Slow Control

[tps_title]5 Standout Products at CES 2015 for New Parents (Parents-to-be)[/tps_title]
BABY GLGL Slow Control is a bottle holder that measures how the baby eats, so you can better manage their feeding habits. It gives you recommendation on how to hold the bottle for optimal feeding experience for you and the baby. It also alerts you of air bubbles so you can switch feeding position. Ultimately, it tracks how much and how fast the baby is eating. 

5 Standout Products at CES 2015 for New-Moms (Moms-to-be)  Babyglgl Slow Control

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