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CliniCloud Connected Medical Kit Goes Beyond Taking Your Temperature

CliniCloud connected medical kit is a digital stethoscope and a contactless thermometer that helps you manage your family’s health via an app right at the comfort of your home. Clinicloud connected medical kit

CliniCloud connected medical kit

Being a mom of two, I understand the dilemma parents’ face when a child is sick, and you’ve to take his or her temperature. Many time I find myself bargaining with my little one because she just doesn’t want to be bothered.  That’s where CliniCloud connected medical kit comes in; the kit allows you to measure and record your families vital signs, i.e., temperature, heart and lung sounds and you can send the readings to your doctor or consult with a physician using Doctors on Demand. It comes with an app, which can be used to tracks health data over time. Plus it provides analytics and allows you to create different profiles so that you can keep track of the entire family’s health status.

CliniCloud connected medical kit

Let’s say your baby has a cold or pneumonia,  using CliniCloud connected medical kit, you can record in real time your child temperature/breathing pattern and share it remotely with a doctor. At that point, the doctor will provide the appropriate recommendation either by writing a prescription or by recommending that you visit an emergency room for further testing.

CliniCloud connected medical kit

The best part, CliniCloud connected medical kit includes a Bluetooth connected thermometer, which takes a temperature without being in contact with the person. The contactless thermometer will be perfect for babies or any sick child that’s being fussy.  Each kit cost $149.

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This post is sponsored by CliniCloud. Opinions are my own.

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