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CES 2014: 5 Cool Products for Moms

Live from the International Consumer Electronics show, and I am counting down the top products for moms that were spotted on the show floor. The exhibit hall is filled with many great products but these 5 cool products for moms, impressed me the most. These products solves variety of needs for moms and families looking to simplify their daily life using everyday technology.

5 cool products for moms at CES 2014

belkin_CESAny busy mom would love the Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker a smart phone controlled slow cooker. Using the Belkin’s WeMo mobile app, you can adjust cooking temperature, change cooking times, and check the status of your dish, while on the road all from your smart phone.

ces 2014 The Mimo Baby

The Mimo Baby is a smart baby onesie made by Rest Devices. The onesis measures baby’s respiration, skin temperature, body position, and activity level. Connected via smartphone app, you can access the baby’s information in real-time. The starter kit is $199 and it includes three onesies and a turtle clip-on. Additional onesies will cost $29 for two-packs, with sizes ranging from zero to 12 months.

ces2014 Samsung Smart Camera WB350F
Samsung Smart Camera WB350F is perfect for parents to share to their newborn’s daily milestone. With the ‘Tag & Go’ technology, the WB350F can connect to smartphones by simply tapping the two devices together. The MobileLink feature lets you select multiple images and send them to up to 4 smarts devices at once. The camera also offers full HD recording to capture those priceless moments. In addition, it has Dual Capture and Baby Monitor feature.

Moneual Baby Monitor is a baby monitor connected to a wristband. The system is able to distinguish between white noise and a baby’s cry, alerting the parents via LED light and vibration on a wristband.  The wristbands vibrates based on intensity and frequency of the baby’s sound. The console also doubles as soothing device with a built-in speaker that plays music for the baby to soothe them to sleep. Geared towards hearing-impaired this device takes wearable technology to a new height.

ces 2014 ibitz

ibitz by GeoPalz is a wireless activity tracker for kids & adults. With ibitz parents can set goals and add reward to encourage their kids to exercise. ibitz tracks minute by minute activity, including steps, distance, and calories burned by day, week, month or year. This is definitely a great way to make fitness, a family affair and the built in incentive gives the kids something to look forward to while staying active.

Well, I hope you find a product that speaks to you. I’m  a foodie so I’ve a soft spot for that Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Slow Cooker  and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I will be at the show till the end of the week and will continue to report on cool products for moms and families. You can follow along on twitter and instagram


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