LG Unveils Twin Wash System and Double "Door-in-Door" Refrigerator at CES 2015 – Afropolitan Mom
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LG Unveils Twin Wash System and Double “Door-in-Door” Refrigerator at CES 2015

How many loads of laundry do you do a week? According to research the average is about 7 loads of laundry a week. At our house we do about 4 loads, so we are definitely lagging behind. Anyway, last week while at International CES, I got a chance to seat down with LG and learned all about their revolutionary new products – LG Twin Wash System + Mini Washer and the Double “Door-in-Door” Mega-Capacity Refrigerator.

LG Unveils Twin Wash System and Double "Door-in-Door" Refrigerator at CES 2015
Forget everything you thought you knew about washing machine, the Twin Wash System + Mini Washer gives you the opportunity to wash two loads of laundry at once with the help of a separate mini washer in the pedestal. By doing two loads at once, you end up saving a tremendous amount of time, you do fewer loads, plus its energy efficient. The mini-washer would be perfect for washing smaller loads, fine linens, hand wash only clothing, or more delicate loads like underwear or sport uniforms. If we had the washer, we will probably use the mini washer for light colored items, or small items of clothing, like socks, handkerchiefs, baby blankets, pantyhose, silk etc. The Twin wash system has LG’s Turbo Wash technology which saves up to 30 minutes per load. Best part, you can get the mini washer by itself, so if you currently have a LG washing machine, you might be able to attach the mini washer for maximum laundry capability.  The model numbers are WM9500HA & DLGX9501V / WM9000HA & DLGX9001V / WM5000H*A & DLGX5001V.
LG Double “Door-in-Door” Mega-Capacity Refrigerator

LG double door-in-door mega-capacity refrigerator
Another product that LG introduced at the event was their new double “door-in-door” mega-capacity refrigerator. The double door-in-door refrigerator has 6 doors in total. The door-in-door is a great idea on so many levels. The items you use a lot, like drinks, snacks, etc. will be placed on the outside door while everything else will be on the inside that way the rest of the refrigerator is kept cold without jeopardizing the overall air flow. The door is smudge resistant thanks to the tempered glass and black patterned finish on the outside. The model number LPXS34886C. Sadly both items won’t be in store till later this year.

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