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Overcoming Fear of Judgement

“What’s one thing you’d do to stop the mommy wars?”, that question was recently asked on the Similac Facebook page, which inspired me to share today’s story –

Overcoming Fear of Judgement

Overcoming Fear of Judgement

It all started pretty innocently. My aunt came to visit us after I had my first born. I had managed to finally put her to sleep when she motioned to me that we needed to talk. “How long are you planning on doing this?” I considered the question then realized what she was referring to.

She was referring to the fact that we had a family bed. Honestly, a family bed isn’t something we planned. Being a nursing mom, it was easier to have her close to me as she wakes up to nurse every couple of hours. It worked for us. Of course, we read about the advantages and disadvantages and we had hope we would be different and we initially approached it with a plan but it didn’t work out.

“I’ve got an idea” I announced, “how about you let us do what’s best for us.” Maybe it was because I was exhausted but my response surprised me. I wouldn’t necessary respond that way, she’s older than me and was simply trying to help, but I snapped. She spent the rest of her visit in silence.

When my husband got home I couldn’t wait to share with him what happened. Being the supportive husband that he is, he said “the only person you should ever compete with is yourself, don’t let her idea of parenting bother you.” Most importantly, he told me to stop doubting my decisions as a mom and to live comfortably in my truth no matter what that is, family bed, exclusive breastfeeding, sleep training, no matter what I do I shouldn’t let anyone’s opinion bother me.

Long gone are the days of skeptical parenting. Instead I’m firm in my decision and nothing anyone say about how I choose to raise my family affect me. Family and friends might not agree; and I’m okay with that.

And, yes after almost nine years of being a mom, I have to constantly remind myself of this.

If you haven’t done so already commit to #SisterhoodUnite and share your personal story about your challenges overcoming judgment, and the one thing you will do to help end the mommy wars on Similac’s Facebook Page.

Real Parents, Real Judgment video

Also, I’m pretty excited to see that Similac partnered with Hilary and Haylie Duff, they’re great faces for the campaign as they are both firm believers in ending the mommy wars.

This is a sponsored post as part of my year-long Sisterhood of Motherhood ambassadorship with Similac. The Sisterhood of Motherhood initiative is about celebrating being a parent in a positive way with no judgement.

Sisterhood of Motherhood Similac

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