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Teaching our daughter how to ride a bike for the first time

Disclaimer: We taught our daughter how to ride a bike for the first time, thanks to a partnership with Lunchbox.

If you’ve followed this site for awhile, then you’ve heard me express my desire to learn how to ride a bike. Yes, at almost 40 I don’t know how to ride a bike. I attempted to learn when I was in high school, but the fear of falling off prevented me from going further. Now when I tell people, they look at me strangely, how could you not know how to ride a bike. I’ve become a social outcast whenever conversation leads to bike riding.

About a year ago, my daughter came home from school, begging to learn how to write a bike. Apparently, Joanna had invited her over to her house so they can ride a bike together. She had to decline. I don’t want the same faith for my girls, so I’ve been determined to teach them how to ride a bike.
how to ride a bike for the first time

how to ride a bike for the first time

Everyone I spoke to lamented about the importance of starting at a young age, but I wanted to give her time to grow so she can understand the importance of safety, hence the reason we waited till she was 5 years old. It’s also critical to have the right size bike, and since she doesn’t know how to ride a bike, she needs one with a training wheel.
ride a bike

Luckily Toys “R” Us made it easy for us to decide. With their trained associate, we were able to pick a bike that was suitable for her height and something she feels comfortable in. We settled on this 16 inch Schwinn SmartStart Jamboree Bike. It fits anyone between the 38″ – 48″ tall. We took our daughter to the store so she can try it out for fit and comfort and right away she liked it. Her favorite color is purple so that probably has something to do with it. She was also drawn to the handlebar basket, so she can haul her things along.

For me, I like the fact that it’s a 16” wheel bike, which is a perfect size for a first timer.

teaching 5 year old how to ride a bike

Getting a bike with training wheels gives her a chance to get comfortable with the idea of riding a bike and when she’s fully ready we will remove the training wheel so she can learn how to balance on her own. As for now, the training wheels is giving her the confidence boost she needs to ride around the neighborhood and next time when someone ask her if she knows how to ride a bike, she can stand up straight and answer with a resounding yes.

riding bike with helmet

The next step was getting her fitted for a helmet. With the helmet, it has to have a good fit, snug but not too tight. Finding a balance between snug and “tight” was interesting because her hair is always in some sort of braids, or in a high bun.

Schwinn SmartStart bike

Still unsure about taking this journey with your little one? check out the helpful Schwinn SmartStart guide below.

 photo Schwinn_Infographic_041416_v6_zpsovfgswvw.jpg

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