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Books for 5th Graders to Read Over The Summer

Fourth grade felt like a tough one, but we are so glad it’s over and super excited to embrace fifth grade with confidence. Looking for Books for 5th Graders to Read Over The Summer? Here are a few selections perfect for the 9, 10 or 11 years old in your life. The books cover various interests, from bullying, friendship, to cultural difference and current events. If your little one isn’t quite ready for 5th-grade reading, here is a selection for 4th-grade summer reading.

Books for 5th Graders to Read Over The Summer

11 Books for 5th Graders to Read Over The Summer

dear mr. henshaw

Dear Mr. Henshaw.
6th grader Leigh addresses the issues he faced when dealing with this parents’ divorce, challenges of being a new kid in school and finding his place in the world.



Ten Ways To Make My Sister Disappear
Ten-year-old Sprig and her twelve-year-old sister Dakota can’t find a way to get along but they must find a resolution while their father is away in Afghanistan.


enchanted castleThe Enchanted Castle (Puffin Classics)
Four children discover an enchanted castle and a magic ring but found out that not all magic are real.

operation yes

Operation Yes.
Ms. Loupe, a teacher on an airforce base inspires her student with her unconventional teaching style during the Iraq war.



Nick Allen is always in the middle of his schools’ mischiefs, especially when he invented a new word which leads to a series of events that got out of control.



10-year-old August heads to public school after being homeschooled due to his facial deformity. 


tialolaHow Tia Lola Came to Stay.
While Miguel is trying his best to fit into his new neighborhood, here comes his aunt from the Dominican Republic with her crazy antics and flamboyant ways.



Is Stanley cursed? Sure, seem that way, as he’s sent off to a detention center, where he spends the day digging a hole in order to build his character.



Living with an autistic brother isn’t easy. That’s life according to Twelve-year-old Catherine. She just wants a normal life, but things are about to get more complicated.


Drita my homegirl

Drita, My Homegirl.
A refugee from Kosovo, Drita, who is assigned to join Maxie one of the girls in the in-crowd on a class project. They cultivated a friendship they least expected.


blubber by judy blumeBlubber.
Judy Blume Classic. What happens when Jill goes along in bullying her classmate Linda, with a turn of events, she ends up being bullied as well.


If you’ve any other books for 5th graders to read over the summer, please feel free to share. 

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