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Eight Things You Should Buy this Spring

Are you one of those people that have a shopping list for every season? It’s no secret that different times of year comes with various things you should buy or wait to buy. Many deals go along with different seasons, and as we hit the middle of spring, you will find tons of great deals! Hence, this Eight Things You Should Buy this Spring.

8 Things You Should Buy this Spring

Eight Things You Should Buy this Spring

  1. Cameras: between February and May, you will likely find the best deals on digital cameras. As the brands come out with new models for the year, the older models usually go on sale, and you can almost always snag some great deals during these couple of months.
  2. Maxi Skirts: if you’re looking for some gorgeous on-trend style this season, maxi skirts and maxi dresses should be your go-to choice! It’s the perfect time of year for these clothes weather-wise and being that it’s graduation and wedding season, having some of these in your closet could come in handy.
  3. Mattresses: as you spring clean, you may notice it’s time for a new mattress. You’re in luck! Spring is a great time to get a new mattress at a discounted price. You might have noticed some deals popping up in your circular, keep an eye out and you’ll likely find a lot of great mattress sales. If you wait a few more weeks until say Memorial Day, you might be able to snag a brand new mattress for up to 40% off.
  4. Home cleaning supplies: vacuums can be found at a significant discount during the spring months because with all of the spring cleaning going on, more people are on the hunt for the perfect cleaning products. Although the deals, won’t be as good as Black Friday, can still get a ton of good deals.
  5. Large appliances: Memorial Day sales are just around the corner; this is the perfect time to get that new dishwasher or that new washing machine you’ve been waiting for! Sales on appliances during this time of year are usually the best you’ll see.
  6. Planning trips: now that spring break is now behind us, there are tons of deals for trips to take this summer and fall. Travel deal sites often lower their prices assuming that customers aren’t looking to plan or have already planned a trip.
  7. Outdoor living furniture: most of the outdoor décor and furniture has been out since mid-February, so you can expect to see lots of sales starting on patio furniture, garden upkeep and more. Check your local flyers and weekly ads; keep an eye on Target and Fortunoff for some deals!
  8. Fragrances: As we wrap up Mother’s Day, perfumes starts to go on sale since the demand isn’t as high as it has been for the past few weeks. Now would be an excellent time to stock up on your favorite scents or get ahead on birthday gift shopping for the next few months too.

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t buy during these spring months can help you save a lot of money! Some things you should wait on during this season include laptops and swimsuits, if possible. What are your favorite things to buy in the spring?

Kira is the founder of the award-winning lifestyle blog focused on family, tech, fashion, beauty, food, fitness, and travel. She lives in the suburb of NJ with her husband and two daughters. 

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