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App of the Week: Keepy – Organize, Share and Save Your Kid’s Artwork Forever

During NY Fashion Week, I attended Fashion Forward Conference, where I met the co-founder of Keepy, a brilliant app that lets you organize, enhance, share, admire & save the magic of childhood in a private, interactive & emotional timeline.  We have 2 daughters, ages 7 & 3, and they bring home on a daily basis more artwork than you can imagine.

keepy app

 We hate throwing them out so over the years, we’ve accumulated boxes of priceless masterpieces. With Keepy, it helps preserve their artwork without cluttering up the house.

Wondering, how it work? Well when your child brings home his or her artwork, you snap a picture of the artwork, tag the photograph with your child’s name and the date it was made, then share it privately with grandpa, grandma, aunties, uncles and friends. The best part, you can let your child record a story to go with the picture, loved ones can also leave video comments on each “artwork” keepy they receive.  This apps basically helps you keep an emotional timeline with photos, artwork, voice-overs, schoolwork & mementos, videos, and more.

Keepy is free at the iTunes App Store.  It will be available on Google Play soon. The platform provides the space and the storage on the Keepy cloud forever. Keepies can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and the Keepy Gallery. To learn more about Keepy check out their website:

 “Keepy is a new way for families to connect and preserve memories by simply snapping and sharing.” – Offir Gutelzon, Founder and CEO of Keepy.

How do you currently store and share your kids artwork?


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