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4 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features We Can’t Live Without

As I headed to International CES last month, I needed a phone that would allow me to capture and share my experience while on the show floor.  Thankfully, Samsung stepped in with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. That was over two months ago and I’ve had quiet some time to play with it  and discovered all it has to offer. I will share with you, my experience with the Samsung Galaxy Gear at a later time. For now , here are 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features We Can’t Live Without


Screen Size – I know I might be in the minority here, but honestly when I first got the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I was taken aback by the size. Keep in mind I traded in a 4.2″ screen for this beautiful  5.7-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD Super AMOLED so yes it was a huge change for me. Thankfully, I fell in love pretty quick. I believe I was hesitant because I was use to using my phone with just one hand and I was afraid the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would be too cumbersome to handle. Well I was wrong, by going into the main menu/control section, I was able to set it up for one handed use by re-sizing the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Sketch Book

Freehand Sketch using the S-Pen and Galaxy Note 3 App – SketchBook for Galaxy

S Pen (Air Command Menu) – I’m a self proclaimed doodler and mediocre artist so this nifty pen has been getting a lot of use. Action memo and Pen Window are probably the two that I use the most, Oh yeah how can I forget the S Note. I normally keep a note pad in my bag so I can write down ideas or whatever comes to mind. The S Note lets me take notes and more, I can add  voice memos, images, video, and maps right into my notes. The S-pen keeps me on task and since I started using the Note 3, I’ve rediscovered my love for sketching. Using the sketchbook app with the S Pen, I let my inner Picasso have a go at it – Yes those are my drawings.

Samsung note 3 multiwindow

Multi Window is another great feature, that I am glad to have discovered. Its just like the name – it allows you to open two apps at once. Enable the multi-window function in main settings, press and hold the back key to show multi-window tray, then drag and drop your  icons into the main window and they will share the screen 50:50, its pretty neat. You can watch a video while reading email, or texting.

5 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features We Can't Live Without
  I can’t rave about my love for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 without giving its camera center stage. While working the show floor at CES, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera was initially my back up camera but it ended up being my go-to camera because of its ease of use and picture quality. As I explore the city at night, I had my trusty phone with me. The details were sharp, and the colors were vivid. The video recorder  is capable of recording Ultra HD at up to 3840×2160 resolution. Below is a video of booth babes dancing on the show floor at CES 2014. The Video was shot using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 video camera.

There you have it 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features We Can’t Live Without of course there are many more awesome features on this device but for me. This 4 takes the cake.  Literally these 4 features makes my life easier and adds to the growing list of reasons why I heart my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Is there a feature on your smart phone you just can’t live without – if so please share

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