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Toys to Engage Your Child’s Imagination

Disclaimer: “This post was sponsored by Duracell as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.”

When raising kids, a lot of things happen that it’s sometimes hard to keep track or even remember. Apart from huge milestones and mishaps, everyday life sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Well, let me share a disaster that happened to me and forever changed the way I handle things. It was my daughters, I believe 2nd birthday, we’ve had a pretty awesome day, the guest had gone home, and we decided to gather around so she can open her gifts. As she opened the third gift, I realized, we didn’t buy batteries for any of the items she got. So she spent all night hugging her doll, but she couldn’t really play with it because it needed two D batteries to bring the doll to life. Needless to say, she had to use her imagination and make the best of it.

Imagination the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

One lesson, I learned that day, was to make sure I always check the box whenever I buy a gift. If it needs a battery, I usually purchase some Duracell batteries as an add-on to the gift. I do this for friends as well, and especially during the holidays. So it might seem weird when you get that pack of AAA batteries but trust me if you’ve ever spent all night driving around looking for D batteries because your kids’ favorite toy died unexpectedly, you will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Toys to Engage Your Child’s Imagination
Toys to Engage Your Child's Imagination

As a mom of two young girls, I am always looking for ideas on ways to power my daughters’ creativity and imagination and this month Duracell, TRU, and WowWee are working together to help us do just that – power their imagination. I believe a child with a healthy imagination will grow into a well-adjusted adult. It’s especially important if you have preschool kids because imagination is good for their cognitive skills.

We recently got the WowWee CHiP and the WowWee COJI for the girls. Why? Because they’ve always wanted a dog but frankly, I don’t think they can handle the responsibilities, so we settled on a robotic dog instead, which seem fair.

WowWee CHiP

Powering up the dog was easy.

We installed batteries into the WowWee CHiP and four batteries into the smart ball that accompanied it and we were good to go.  WowWee CHiP responds to voice command so you can tell CHiP to dance, Sit down, Yoga, play, fetch etc. Also, you can use the smart band to teach him new tricks plus the smart band is the way CHiP knows where you are when you call him. Using the smart ball, you can play fetch.


Below is a video of WowWee CHiP in action.



The WowWee COJI is slightly different because it offers more creativity. COJI gives you the freedom to program whatever you want using an app on your IOS or Android tablet.

With COJI the coding robot, your child can program the dog using Emojis!Yep, you heard me – Emojis.  With built-in challenges, it incorporates trial and error and it promotes self-learning through exploratory and creative play.


COJI challenges his playmates with skill-testing games that encourage critical thinking.

You can pick up both of these items at  Toys”R”Us

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