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10 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ With Flowers

10 Ways to Say I Love You With Flowers

Flowers can help us express so many emotions and feelings and are the universal language of love. The language of flowers began with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the late 1900s and they would express their love for each other with different flowers. You couldn’t just come out and tell someone how you felt at that time, so they created a secret language using flowers. Incredibly romantic, and it shows that flowers have a way of speaking to us in their beauty and simplicity.

Here are 10 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ with Flowers

  1. The universal way to say I Love You is with a dozen long stemmed red roses.
  2. Orchids a deep love, unprecedented beauty, refinement and charm, and strength of character.
  3. Tulips symbolize young love or a love that is newly beginning. Pink tulips convey that you’re falling in love and red tulips show that you’re deep in love.
  4. Give red chrysanthemums to show her that your love can withstand the seasons and the test of time.
  5. White carnations are a flower that shows deep, connected love that has lasted for many years.
  6. Only give spider flowers if you want to elope tonight because that is what these flowers mean!
  7. Primrose flowers speak of the innocence of a first love and how those memories have a foothold in our mind.
  8. Send Irises to those friends that you cherish and that you want to let them know that their friendship means the world to you.
  9. Honeysuckle expresses the bonds of love and how you feel when in in the embrace of your lover’s arms.
  10. Give forget-me-knots if you’re a deployed soldier to show your love and to say always remember me, don’t forget me.

These are just a few of the ways to express your love and to say I love you. Whether you are just falling in love or have been next to your beloved for 30 years, there are flowers to say just how you feel. Send a bouquet of just one type of flower or mix them together to tell the story of your love. Saying I Love You with flowers brings out beautiful emotions that say just what is in your heart. Whether you send a dozen long stem red roses with Stargazer lilies to show her how impressed you are with her love or give a bouquet of red tulips to show that you are passionately, deeply in love, you can’t go wrong with saying I love you with flowers.

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