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Why men hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is known as a “Hallmark Holiday,” the day that many think was invented just so greetingcards and chocolate boxes can be sold. But the truth is, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate your relationship with the one you love. So why do men hate Valentine’s Day?

They feel tons of pressure to be romantic. It can be quite overwhelming to have to conjure up romance for this one special day. The marketing of Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on men to be the ones to make it romantic. But who says men have to be responsible for making this day special? Plan something in advance together that you’ll both enjoy. Or surprise him and you be the one to plan some grand, romantic gesture.

They don’t know what to get their significant other. Chocolates? Candy? Flowers? Oh my! Men are being bombarded by companies with ideas for what to get their s/o for V-day, but somehow, the overwhelming amount of options just leaves them even more helpless. They struggle to find the perfect gift. Birthdays and Christmas are a great time to plan in advance and splurge on an expensive gift, but Valentine’s Day is more about expressing your love than finding the so-called “perfect gift.” Chocolates, candy, flowers, and jewelry are always great options, but even just a nice card and a romantic dinner would be appreciated. Don’t stress so much about the gift. Think more about the experience.

They hate feeling obligated to celebrate. Date night is great when it’s just a normal night out. But for some reason, the idea that you suddenly have to go out on this one certain day is annoying for some men. The sense of obligation just makes them want to defiantly skip it. But that should be a great reason to want to go out. Just think about all the other couples out celebrating their love on this very same night. When you think about it like that, it’s kind of cool!

It doesn’t really matter what you do to celebrate V-day, just spend it together. Take the pressure off of V-day and just find a sweet and thoughtful way to say “I love you.”

Tara Carr is striving to live a totally healthy life -- mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Between home, work and social events, she finds release and comfort in writing. Brunch, sushi, and yoga keep her going, while her writing keeps her growing.

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