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Why you should go to a concert with your partner

Whether it’s a music festival or concert tickets to your favorite artist, there is something quite powerful about experiencing live music with your significant other. When you ask people what makes a relationship strong and keeps it going, the typical answer is usually “communication is key”. And that is so true. But another way to invest in your relationship and strengthen the bond between you and your partner is to experience things together. When you’re old and grey, sitting in matching rocking chairs, looking back on your life, you will remember the experiences you shared and the memories you made. And going to a concert with your partner is a great way to make a memory.

Take a break from the typical dinner and a movie date night and enjoy live music with your partner.

Make it an event. If the concert is out of town, make it a truly special weekend trip. Book a hotel. Make a road trip playlist. Find cool local restaurants to try. Explore the city. The concert may be the main event, but it could also just be a really cool excuse for a weekend getaway. But even if the concert is local, you can still find ways to make it special. Go eat at one of your favorite restaurants before the concert. Use the extra money you’re saving on not having to travel and splurge on better seats. Take tons of pictures to mark the moment (either for your personal scrapbook or social media).

Be present in the moment. There’s nothing wrong with being on your phone to take pictures or record parts of the concert (if that’s allowed), but make a conscious effort to find chunks of time to just put your phone down and enjoy the show. Just belt out the lyrics and jump up and down like a teenager. Actually look at the artist with your own eyes rather than through your phone’s camera lens. Look at your partner. Like actually make eye contact. Enjoy this experience and take it all in.

Make it a habit. Seeing that one particular artist very well may be a once in a lifetime experience, but enjoying live music should not be. You and your partner should just plan to go to concerts to see artists that you both thoroughly enjoy. Listening to music at home is great, but there is something very magical about actually laying your eyes on that artist and watching them perform live. You could even start a concert fund and just set aside a certain amount each month specifically for purchasing concert tickets. That way when your favorite artist releases those tour dates you’re already ready!

There’s nothing wrong with the typical dinner and a movie date night, but every now and then you should mix it up a bit. And experiencing a concert is a great way to do so. Studies show that going to concerts reduces stress, makes you happier, and could even help you live longer. Also, being in a huge crowd experiencing something with so many other people fosters a sense of community. That same sense of community strengthens the connection between you and your partner. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and reserve those seats for your next concert and have a fun and memorable date night!

Tara Carr is striving to live a totally healthy life -- mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Between home, work and social events, she finds release and comfort in writing. Brunch, sushi, and yoga keep her going, while her writing keeps her growing.

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