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Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day when couples scramble to find last-minute gifts and cards as a token of appreciation for each other. Fancy dinners. Expensive gifts. And boxes of chocolate. But why don’t we show our love for each other like this everyday? Why does this one particular holiday have to mean we go all out? It should be something we incorporate into our relationships throughout the year.

Valentine's Day

You don’t have to have flowers and candy to have a special V-day!

Make Everyday Valentine’s Day

Spend quality time together. While it is crucial to have a healthy amount of alone time and time spent with others, it is equally as important to spend time together. Even if you see each other everyday, that’s not necessarily enough. Take time to stop and spend some quality time together. Do something you both enjoy. Try something new together. Get creative with date night.

Date each other. Keep things fresh. Sometimes, after you’ve been together for a while, you get comfortable. You start to just go through the motions and forget what it was like in the beginning. But when you strive to make everyday Valentine’s Day, you remember to spice things up and be romantic even if it’s not February 14th.

Do something special everyday. Roses are expensive. Chocolates lead to weight gain. But being romantic doesn’t have to always mean roses and chocolates. It could be a love note. It could be dropping off lunch for your sweet-honey-love-muffin. Or it could just be dinner and a movie at home. Once the honeymoon phase is over, it becomes easier to take your partner for granted, but try to show them just how much they really mean to you on a more regular basis.

Say I love you. Showing your love is important, but don’t forget to actually say the words. Write down a list of everything you love about your partner. The list will contain things you think they already know, but it’s really important to hear it every now and then. Saying “I love you” can become more of a habit, but try looking into their eyes and saying it with more meaning. Say it and say it often. You can never say “I love you” too much.

It’s nice to get dressed up and go out and exchange gifts for V-Day, but it’s also okay to treat it like it’s just any other day. You should show your affection for your s/o throughout the year. So make this V-Day special, but remember to also make every day Valentine’s Day.



Tara Carr is striving to live a totally healthy life -- mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Between home, work and social events, she finds release and comfort in writing. Brunch, sushi, and yoga keep her going, while her writing keeps her growing.

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