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5 Fun Facts About Producer Suzanne Todd of Alice Through the Looking Glass

Suzanne Todd is the producer of Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, starring  Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway and Sacha Baron Cohen. While I was in LA last week, I got a chance to chat with her about Alice Through the Looking Glass and her upcoming project Bad Moms with Christina Applegate and Mila Kunis.

Producer Suzanne Todd

She was surprised at the success of Alice in Wonderland and didn’t have any plans to do a sequel which is why it took her years to come out with Alice Through the Looking Glass. They didn’t want to just “cash in on the success of the first one. We wanted to be really thoughtful about it” When she felt like it was the right time, she sat down with her friend and writer Linda Woolverton and they both decided to make a movie “where the girl could be a hero, you know a heroine.” In  interviewing Suzanne Todd, it became obvious why she’s successful, she wants to see other women success and she gives the project she works on her all. “The older I get, the less I want to ever do a movie that doesn’t feed my soul.”

10 Facts About Suzanne Todd of Alice Through the Looking Glass

Also, she loved the addition of the new character Time, because as a single mom it’s sometimes hard to balance work and time with the three kids.

5 Fun Facts About Producer Suzanne Todd of Alice Through the Looking Glass

  1. She supports other women. She made Alice Through the Looking Glass to show her 11-year-old daughter about female empowerment and female leadership. In order to do that, she partnered with Linda Woolverton and they both read books on “feminism and raising girls and the specific art of, the emotional life of girls.”
  2. She meditates. She credits meditation for helping her stay focused and staying on track, and it gives her a lot of food things that helps her get other things done. “I’m a big meditator. I have been for 20 years and I taught it to my kids now. And when people always ask me how I get so much done in a busy day, I think that’s a big part of it.”Producer Suzanne Todd of Alice Through the Looking Glass
  3. She’s a mentor. She’s currently a mentor for Producer’s Guild of America and she was a member of the board of The Archer School for Girls for 6 years.
  4. She’s a single mom with three kids. Since her divorce over 6 years ago, she’s been a single mom of three, two of which are teenagers. Like all working mom, she struggles with balancing work and her personal life, so she takes the kids with her on location while filming. She often has technology free dinner time. She loves to “carve out time for each of them (kids) because they’re all different and unique in their own way.”
  5. She’s just like us. When talking about her upcoming movie, Bad Moms. “There is somebody that’s like putting energy into every day into making you feel bad. And that’s the idea hopefully you will come out of the movie and feel ike I don’t really need to feel bad. I can just feel good about what I am trying to do and enjoy life with my kids rather than trying to be this unobtainable, perfect mom.”

Bonus fact: She’s good friends with Maria Shriver. When Maria Shriver turned 60 earlier this year, instead of asking for gifts, she asked Suzanne Todd to help her in raising awareness for her Alzheimer charity,  Move for Minds.

Alice Through the Looking Glass is currently playing in theaters everywhere. 

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Pictures were taken by Jana Seitzer / Merlot Mommy

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