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5 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior

Is your child heading to preschool this year? We are in the same boat, our daughter is heading to preschool come September, and I will be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous. Remember when we sent her off to daycare for the first time,

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5 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior #Ready4Preschool #shop

I had major separation anxiety. As our daughter heads off to preschool, we know she will have a lot to learn but we also wanted to be prepare at home so we can re-enforce the skills she will be taught while at school.  Here are some of the things we’re doing to help her get ready for preschool

5 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior

Getting Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior #cbias #Ready4Preschool

#1. Encourage Creativity

Encourage your child to think outside the box and provide the resources they need to foster creativity. Creativity isn’t limited to drawing and painting, it’s sensory play, arts, music, etc

Getting Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior #Ready4Preschool #cbias

#2. Incorporate Games

Make learning fun by incorporating some fun games. Our kids love pretend play, so our 7 year old usually acts like the teacher while showing her little sister how to count, write her letters etc. On occasion my husband and I will join in as one of the class mates.

#Ready4Preschool  Getting Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior

#3. Provide Variation

Make sure there are lot of teaching materials available to foster your child’s learning. From board games to everyday household items. Make sure you’ve activities that builds counting skills to teaching aids that encourage phonics skills.

Getting Ready for Preschool Disney Junior #Ready4Preschool #cbias

#4. Follow their lead

Help your child build their confidence by letting them lead the way and offer praise when appropriate. Encourage your child to pursue activities that interest them. Encourage problem solving and allow them to pick the activities they wants to participate in. By simply asking your child’s opinion of things, it let them know that their thoughts are valid and  it teaches them the concept of responsibility.


#5. Taking Turns and Sharing

Encourage your child to be patient and teach them how to take turns. This was especially difficult  when my now 7 year started school. At that point, she was an only child so she wasn’t use to sharing, boy was she up for a rude awakening.  Thankfully our soon to be preschooler has been exposed to the tactful art of taking turns and sharing. Yes it’s a challenge but it’s a critical skill to teach kids. We continue to encourage our daughter to wait her turn and use her words – please, excuse me and thank you.

Getting Ready for Preschool with Disney Junior #Ready4Preschool Walmart

While at Walmart, we found a few items in the back to school aisle that has been useful in helping us achieve our goals. We picked up the Disney Junior Back to School Learning Easel Activity Center, my daughter loves Sofia the first so this was a no-brainer.  The activity center helps build letters, numbers, word recognition, handwriting and counting. We also bought  the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse First Words Learning Activity to help build her phonics skills  and the Doc McStuffins Counting Learning Activity which has been helping her horn her counting skills. The Disney Junior back to school items isn’t limited to just those three, while at Walmart we also saw Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Learning Schoolhouse Activity, Rhyming Learning Activity, Alphabet Learning Activity, Numbers Learning Activity and the Colors & Shapes Learning Activity. These items are all available at Walmart with prices as low as $4.97.

How are you helping your child prepare for preschool?

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