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5 Realistic Relationship Resolutions for Couples

Ever since I can remember I always have a New Year resolution. I mean it’s a New Year which is a perfect time to reaccess my life and implement changes where it’s needed. I mean you’ve New Year resolutions for your health so why not for your marriage. Hence this realistic relationship resolutions for couples. I’m hoping this list makes me accountable. And if you’re looking for ideas on ways to nurture your marriage, these five relationship resolutions for couples will come in handy.
Relationship Resolutions for Couples

Relationship Resolutions for Couples

  1. Make each other a priority.
    There is that old debate. Who comes first, your spouse or your kids? Studies have shown that it’s healthy for the whole family if the spouse takes priority over the kids because if you prioritize your kids over your marriage, in the long run, you are hurting your marriage and the kids.
  2. Master each other’s love language.
    You’ve probably heard of Dr. Chapman’s Five Love Languages. It’s basically five ways to express love i.e words of affirmation, spending quality time together, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts. Depending on what our love language is the goal is to take the initiatives express our love using these love language.
  3. Be more intimate.
    I’m talking emotional, spiritual, sexual, and physical intimacy. Kiss, hold hands and cuddle more. Doing this shows the kids what a healthy loving relationship looks like. To achieve this, we will resolve to schedule more date night, so we can have some us time to connect emotionally.
  4. Reconnect on a spiritual level.
    I remember before we had kids, my husband and I went to bed at the same time so every night he would hold my hands and lead is in prayer. He would often get mad because I usually fall asleep however I enjoy that time together. Now with two kids and a crazy schedule. I’m often working late into the night while everyone goes to bed, so our nightly practice has taken a back seat. I miss those days. This year, I will resolve to make our nightly prayer a priority.
  5. Stop multitasking and live in the moment.
    This means technology free nights. This resolution is more for me than him. I’m constantly glued to my phone, and this is a habit I need to break.

Not that you need one but what’s your New Year Resoltuion?

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