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5 Easy Tips to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 Easy Tips to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions
According to a study done by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people actually goes through with their New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I am making an effort not to be a statistics. I’m vowing to take steps in ensuring that my goals for the year is met, and if I surpass it then it’s an added bonus. With the right attitude, we can definitely improve our odds in achieving our New Year resolution. At least that’s the attitude I am choosing to employ.

  1. Keep it Simple – If possible only pick one goal at a time. By creating short terms goals, you’re better equipped to achieve more before the end of the year. This way you aren’t overwhelm trying to make lots of changes all at once.
  2. Allow Room for Failure – I know what you’re thinking, why is she talking about failure when we haven’t even started. Well, no one is perfect, and no matter how strict or dedicated we’re to our resolution mistake do happen. When it does, don’t be discourage, learn from your mistake, continue with a positive mind and move forward as initially planned.
  3. Be Realistic & Stay Positive – Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes time to create new habits. Start with baby steps and please don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away.  Just stay positive and reward yourself along the way.
  4. Create a Support System – It doesn’t have to be a huge community but a few people that believes in you and can cheer you on when you need it the most.
  5. Visualize – Yes I am a huge believer in visual boards. I have one in my house, and it’s placed somewhere prominent so I see it every day, as a reminder to what I am working towards.

I will be utilizing these steps in ensuring that I stay focus on my own goals for the year. Here is one of my New Year’s resolutions that I haven’t had success with in the past

  • Get Fit  – Be Healthy

Do you’ve a new year resolution that you make every year but never quite follow through? Join me in making 2014 the year we work together in truly accomplishing our goals not just in our personal life but in all aspect of our life.

Kira is the founder of the award-winning lifestyle blog focused on family, tech, fashion, beauty, food, fitness, and travel. She lives in the suburb of NJ with her husband and two daughters. 



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