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Top 5 Must Have Apps for Back to School #TechThursday

School starts in  a few days and to help you have a pleasant and productivity school year we’ve identified a few apps for high school or college students and three family solutions for their parents.

top 5 Must Have Apps for back to schoolHaving the right app can make a world of difference when it comes to dealing with the frenzy of lectures, exams and day to day life. The list has mostly free apps for Android, iOS and Window  8 operating system.

Now that you’ve the must have apps for back to school. Below are three Verizon Family solutions that are perfect for any busy family, especially as we look forward to a new school year.

  • Verizon FamilyBase helps parents stay on top of their children’s smartphone use. Through FamilyBase, parents can monitor calling, texting and app purchases and usage, set time restrictions (to disable the phone during school hours, for example), review contact lists and set trusted contacts.
  • Family SharePlan is a plan that allows up to 5 lines of shared minutes and messages. A Family SharePlan offers unlimited calling to Verizon customers, unlimited night and weekends and access to local web without any additional charges. This is ideal if you want to manage multiple wireless numbers under the same account.
  • Family Locator lets parents monitor kids’ arrivals and departures, stay connected and send automatic scheduling updates when plans get changed or appointments are made.

Are we missing any of your must have apps for back to school?

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