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Tips on being Poise and Confident this Summer

Disclaimer: I am sharing this post as part of my Poise 2015 Ambassadorship with Socialstars #RecycleYourPeriodPad

I refuse to let my summer body hangups get the best of me. So even though I am not at my weight goal yet, I am embracing what summer has to offer and confidently

Tips on being Poise and Confident this Summer

Tips on being Poise and Confident this Summer


    1. Choose your swimming suit wisely – Choosing the right swimming suit makes a world of difference when it comes to feeling confident. If you’ve the right bathing suit and you feel good in it, it will transcend your mood. Here is a swimming suit guide for everybody type.
    2. Have a positive attitude – I think it was Sophia Loren, that said “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”. You might not have the body of your dreams but having a positive attitude about your body helps. Focus on the part of your body that you do like. If it’s your butt then get a bikini that accentuates that. Banish the negative self doubt and confidently rock your body, curves, stretch marks and all. You’re beautiful.
    3. Stop the comparison game –  Believe it or not, everyone has insecurities. Yes, even the most beautiful woman in the world, will tell you she hates her thigh or think she has skinny legs, or big feet. The list goes on, bottom-line we all have insecurities, so work on changing your mindset.
    4. Choose your circle – Stay away from friends who have negative views, instead spend time with people that believe in you and wants the best for you. That includes friends you can talk to without reservations.
    5. Respect your body – Respecting ones body means different things for everyone. For some it means stop smoking, for others it could mean drinking more water, or power walking for 30 minutes a day. For women with LBL, respecting ones body means letting go of misconception and being able to talk about light bladder leakage without being embarrassed. That means finding a solution that helps in managing leaks with confidence, and with Poise Thin-Shape pads you get that protection in a thin and flexible pad. Ultimately, respecting ones body means, making more healthy choices when it comes to your well being.

poise - light bladder leakage

With all these in mind, get ready to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, feeling confident and happy knowing you’re truly being your fierce and fabulous self.

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