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Homemade Sushi Egg Rolls Recipe

These sushi egg rolls are the most festive and crowd favorite appetizer recipe ever!

Easy Sushi Egg Rolls Recipes

Can you believe we are deep into the holiday season? Because I can’t seriously be any more excited about it! There’s something about the whole season that makes me want to cook up a storm and invite friends over to enjoy some good food, good drinks, and a good laughter with them.

So I’ve been browsing Pinterest nonstop in the name of research in the lookout for the best and most delicious appetizer recipe.

homemade Sushi Egg Rolls

And I was actually in the middle of some research session when a family member shared with me an idea, Sushi Egg Rolls! And I knew I had to try it because it seemed like the most delicious idea on the planet. And boy was it good!

This recipe my friends, this recipe is as good as an appetizer recipe can get. It’s jam-packed with deliciousness, it’s incredibly flavorful, and it’s bite size which makes it incredibly party friendly. Because in my very humble opinion, all good appetizers should be easy to eat.

And can we please talk for a hot second about the flavors? Because when I say this is jam packed with flavor I really really mean it! So needless to say you can serve them by themselves and call it a day. Or if you are feeling like going the extra mile you can add some dipping sauce on the side and get to the next level of hostess stardom. My family favorites are a super simple peanut sauce (made with peanut butter, oil, soy sauce and garlic and spices), and the classic soy sauce with some fresh chives and sesame seeds.

Whichever option you pick just make sure you are making a big batch because these will fly off the table!

Sushi Egg Rolls – easy finger food recipe for a crowd

Easy Homemade Sushi Egg Rolls Recipe


  • 5 egg roll wrap
  • 1 cup Japanese rice, cooked
  • ¼ cup cream cheese
  • 2 cups smoked salmon
  • 1 green bell pepper, sliced
  • 1 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 tbsp black sesame seeds
  • 5 tsp powdered mustard
  • soy sauce to taste


  1. Cover a bamboo sushi mat with plastic wrap, place a thin layer of rice and arrange the salmon, cream cheese, green bell pepper slices, sesame seeds (black and white), powdered mustard, and drizzle soy sauce.
  2. Lift the side of the mat closer to you and roll over the ingredients, lightly pressing.
  3. In a floured surface unwrap the egg rolls wrap and place the sushi rolls.
  4. Wrap them by folding the right and left corners to the center, and rolling them.
  5. In a frying pan heat vegetable oil and fry them until golden.
  6. Cover them with a napkin to remove the excess oil.
  7. Decorate with sesame seeds, serve with soy sauce and enjoy.
Sushi Egg Rolls

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